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its true i became a ryuguard on the first week after she debut

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Woah! Been a while since we had RNG like this.

I don't have the random Finana ticket, that one never saw much use.

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>pomu 100 god only knows
>elira 10+ hours hades

is this the finana moment?

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Alright lads we got a lady today be on your best behavior.

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>tfw I thought I would get tired of NijiEN after a month and just go back to random holos and indies
>instead im more interested and even checking the archived vids I missed.

I love nijiEN so much bros...

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What do you guys think about the fact that Finana streamed almost 4 hours? Do you think she just sticks to 2 hours because she doesn't want to overdo it and/or because she wants her VODs to be more approachable?

I'd prefer serious responses, the fish dad rrat is funny but has genuinely concerning implications.

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If she doesn't care and I don't care I don't see any reason to. It's not like getting bigger or lower numbers will change anything. Just enjoy her being derpy.

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I want to save this mermaid from her 2 hour limits.

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I'm going to spam this fish even if I'm the only retard in this general, I'm sort of a hipster too so it actually gives me motivation to keep going.

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>oh gosh, I wasn't expecting it be so big... aHhhHhhh... peanus weanus... pretty sus not gonna lie.. amogus

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Like others said, it's less that they're unique personalities and more the content they can produce. Nijisanji's managing is way less on the nose than Hololive and it should start showing in the next month when the girls gain confidence and go for progressively weirder stream ideas, also they can collab with ID and some of the KR branch... maybe even some of the JPs and that's an opportunity to introduce the general audience like me to others in the same company.
Also and this is a personal preference, the fish seems super cute in a small kid kind of way, and following a vtuber from the very start of their career until they become powerhouses on their own has been something I always wanted to do but couldn't. I have complete faith Finland will see huge improvements as time goes and I'm excited for it, you could say I'm sort of idolfagging I guess.

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Stream ended and nothing to talk about.
Finland love!

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It's great that we finally have a time for the Finana debut. I just hope things go well and the debut doesn't get fucked up again.

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