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Lazukino hours shit on your sourness!

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I like to believe that Nina was one of the early LazuLove posters in this thread. I'm happy she gets to live her dreams

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Nijisanji events always leave me with a warm feeling. I'm so thankful for LazuLight that made me pay more attention to Nijisanji

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A lazuLight collab would be great actually. It's been so long

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I remember being super excited for HoloEN and I watched it for a while because shiny new corpo english-speaking vtubers. But then I just went back to mostly NijiJP and HoloJP. Now I pretty much only have time to watch NijiEN. My Japanese knowledge is taking a nosedive as a result.

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>no subject
return to tradition

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I love Nijisanji!
But not when nobody is streaming!

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Some clipperinos for Lazulight fans.

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She's a gift and so is all of Lazulight. It's still too early for me to have a concrete opinion on Obsydia but they're all great girls too. It feels so weird to be this happy over vtubers but honestly my mood has been great recently. Sometimes I'll be at work and think "damn Lazulight is great"

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Already bought Pomu and Finana's.
I couldn't afford all three, so I only bought Elira's secret voices.

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I can finally watch streams again!
I have been gone since their one month anniversary stream 2 weeks ago. What VODs should I prioritize other than Minecraft and were there any impromptu collabs to look for?
Also, did I miss anything major or interesting that happened? I really couldn't keep up much.

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Don't forget the youtube loyalist console warriors that refuse to go to twitch no matter what, they're missing out big time.

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Unity Love!

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I love Pomu, Finana, and Eliria they are all super cute and very loveable

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I love every one of these cute quirky girls
I love Elira's sweaty endurance streaming ass
I love Pomu's suffering and absolute weebery
I love Finana's cute bratty attitude and salty gamer moments
All of these girls have something nice to offer and I enjoy watching all of them

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These three make me so happy

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I sure do love pomu, and also feesh, I love all of these dorks so much they're so great.

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I wonder if lazulight will continue being as tight-knit as they are now once the new batch drops.

I know /vt/ is a super minority but the dynamic between these three is often cited as one of their stronges draws so I hope it doesn't change too much.

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Unity! Fuck the anti-unity schizos!

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