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Based lumi poster

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Then we can get the huge wolf booba collab we've been waiting for. I mean Silver would win obviously but who's going to say no to more

Realistically I could see Lumi instantly getting along just fine with everyone in VShojo except maybe Vei. She's just super bubbly and I think Vei would have an extremely hard time being herself without coming off as rude in a 1 on 1 collab. Add a third person for Vei to bully like Nyan though and it'd be great.

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She's done some stuff that's had visible pubes but I think that's the closest. Gravure-styled lewds without going into full on nudity are weird but she's never crossed that line. And to add onto what this anon said >>4423136 Pretty sure all the + girls are in that same boat. Haruka and Bao going on joke dates. Snuffy and Anny have gotten pretty fucking horny for Vei. And I've seen art of Bunny with basically everyone.

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