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Oh… I completely understand why she Wosemi’s oshi now.

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Rosemi put leafs she found while she went camping in the letter
it was super sweet of her
it wasn't just words on a piece of paper, she actually made an effort to find very cute looking leafs changing color and put them into the letter for us

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As long as she worships the lord I will keep supporting my rose wife
i wonder if she feels awkward that her thorns can be a symbol for Jesus Christ's thorn crown

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it's cool how Rosemi can be both cute and erotic at the same time
lots of girls tend to just get called cute forever but Rosemi is able to give off some real erotic vibes through her voice while still being super cute through her actions

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It's called being a small childlike asian girl in a western country who dresses in frilly clothes.
You could hire Rosemi to pretend to be a middle schooler and round up pedophiles all over Canada just by standing on a street corner.

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I love Rosemi! I wake up everyday wishing she has a wonderful day!

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Her mama likes to draw femboy traps so…imagine what she’s hiding until that dress?

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Rosemi cute!

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In the middle of a bath I call your name

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>and what do you think about rosemi lovelock from NijiEN?
i think she needs to work on her social skills and learn social queues
the latest collab with Pomu and Finana left me with the impression that she wasn't very excited to be there
>never really talked unless it was to agree with something Pomu or Finana said
>died and was overall forgotten during the down time
>when she came back she was also still really quiet and didn't contribute much to what was going on
>once it ended and they had some voice changer fun Rosemi didn't really join in despite her voice being robotic
>didn't sing along Diamond City Lights with Finana or Pomu
>didn't sing Black Out either and FInana had to sing it awkwardly by herself
I see why she was last to hit 100K but this should be a wake-up call for her to get her shit in gear and start living up to the Nijisanji expectation

and this is coming from somebody who watched her as an indie

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but she was able to travel alone, go to new york, and sneak into friends dorms
some things aren't adding up

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no, Rosemi has seen a penis IRL before and she definitely tried sex once
trust me im a Rosemi expert

however she definitely hasn't had a relationship in a while, maybe 5-6 years, and at this point she might not find anybody unless she decides to date her friends

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HEY ROSEMI, basically everybody is going to make this collab centered around you so you finally hit 100K.

Rosemi you really need to start trying harder, the Finana Collab was basically all Finana for the first half because you kept acting like you were part of the audience. You need to speak up more, think on your feet and play along with the group.
DON'T take a back seat when people start cracking jokes, JOIN them. Crack a shitty lame unfunny joke, it doesn't matter as long as you say something.
Remember you're PART of the collab, don't take this as a chance to be a fucking shadow in the back of the room just quietly laughing with your chat. We want you to join them, your chat wants to see you be part of the group.

I'm writing this here because I know your dumbass reads these threads like they're your bible or some shit and because you never listen anywhere else, or refuse to ask for feedback anywhere else.

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VTuber/Hololive Koikatsu Card

Horny Threads image maker: https://twitter.com/wataamage
MMD VTuber : https://oreno3d.com/origins/3 (Iwara aggregator site)
Fu-x-x-ko : https://mega.nz/folder/mCAVFaAI#uaowBuXMx0GDTvZgO9Wlvg
NLO @NLO28636331 Twitter backup :

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Rosemi's model has a penis going by her mama's other creations so yes.
The rest I don't really care about because it's irrelevant roommate shit so sure.

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what do the femanons here think of Rosemi?
its only been guys so far, so im genuinely curious

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i kinda hope she keeps doing these kisses, even if they're muted
knowing they still happen after all this time is great
sleep lots Rosemi, i hope you have sweet dreams!

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I know you made this ahead of time so let me post my Rosemi.

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This girl....she's far, far too cute...

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she's literally in debt because she can't remember to pay her credit cards

she's a woman with too much money and will eventually lose it all once she gets a boyfriend who exploits her stupidity and submissiveness

Rosemi i seriously worry about you unironically

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>behind closed doors
Just say membership, fellow bloomer!

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Rosemi love!

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