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She did it, she did the noise!

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too based

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>Vei bringing up girth being important multiple times the past few months
>Have a shorter dick that is girthy as hell
This is why my loyalty remains unwavering.
The vei-haters on the rest of this board could never understand

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She's perfect

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take your meds schizo

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She's so cute when she make car noises

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I had a dream last night that Vei's roomate and I spent a day together in my apartment just hanging out.

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Guys, it's starting to look like Vei won't be streaming today.
I was thinking of going to her channel and dropping 5,000 gift subs to show her support and that we're all waiting for her to come back. :)
Think that's a good idea?

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Living the dream.

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A thread for our lovely succubus Vei

Stream starting today at 11-12 EST, we're continuing with Conker's Bad Fur Day

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>all these new Vei fans itt

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