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Kiara, it's 4am there...

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Reine did just fine in PSO2. Of course no one here watches Reine so that piece of evidence is thrown out I guess

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Your oshi will buy an air fryer

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requesting the picrel of Reine, but with her new outfit (and the second version with her glasses)

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Maybe when I was a little baby, never really needed that afterwards.

I think at some point in their career, all streamers will eventually have to deal with chat being less tolerable at times, though I never quite understood the "don't talk about other vtubers" part, there is no equivalent for that for regular streamers, so a lot of people naturally assume it's fine for vtubers as well, especially if vtubers in question are somehow related. Did the chat about Ollie extend for so long and/or did she not say she doesn't wish to see off-topic stuff? Warning about the pranks was fucking retarded, though, I can get behind that, and thanks for refreshing my memory. On the other hand, I really appreciate the more relaxed atmosphere of her freetalks during which she actively reads the chat and responds to as many people as possible.

I know how you feel, my backlog consists of the entire YABE S2, 3 membership streams, 2 Mario Kart ones, some Minecraft ones, a few language classrooms and many smaller ones like recent Core Games. She's been overdelivering on a steady basis since the debut, and keeping up with everything without sacrificing some sleep is pretty much impossible. But we know Reine doesn't want us to go this route.

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Please listen to reine's karaoke
Her setlists are based

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>Open irys stream
>She sounds like reine

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Yeah the way they belt song is pretty similar

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I'm pretty convinced that Hololive ID is actually the most autistic Hololive group between Moona, Reine, and Ollie

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Tell you what, I didn't notice it before, but Kiara is the only one that has put her face in the thumbnail, and the only one with a text colour that blends with the new outfit silhouette, which is smaller and in the background already, making it even less visible or important. If this had popped up in my recommendations or I hadn't known the Holos and were just casually glancing over her channel, most likely I would have missed that image, and thus her stream, because there are simply too many elements present. Just look at how minimalistic yet still attention-drawing the other 4 thumbnails are (Calli's is a bit arguable, but it's still way better than Kiara's). Ayame, Watame, Towa and Kanata all kept the modest approach as well, and it paid off.
The Phoenix? She has effectively scorched herself.

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You related to somebody marginally better than you and got enough enjoyment and confidence from him that you lived another day and you managed to climb above him.
Now that you're looking down you're upset that you managed to shoulder your burdens better than he did. But you need to remember, he was (probably) in a similar hole you were in and chose the other (much worse) path in life.

You looked at digi as somebody you could be.
Now you look at him as someobdy you could have ended up as

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This. I got (finally) a job to give her donations, but I have to wake up early, so I must sleep before midnight (I'll sacrifice myself if it's a members stream).

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Buy her membershp

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cute turkey noises

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Same. I hope it doesn't spread to EN/ID

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Damn, I didn't watch the Among Us collab, so I'm missing the references. Her voice is pure sex as usual, though, so I am not complaining.

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Vietnamese is worse. Besides, Reine is love.

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I think there are a couple of people that collectively are known as Reineposter. I post "I love Reine" or some variant pretty often and if you ever see someone respond with a picture of her and the text "She's the best", that's probably me but I'm in no way the only anon that does so. I just think there are few enough of us and our posting styles are similar enough that we kind of blur together into one larger entity. I imagine that's the case for a lot of semi-identifiable posters in these threads, actually. Also Reine's the best.

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