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Nice. cursed thread.

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Rosemi once again confirmed to be a natural comedian who makes people around her smile and laugh just by being present

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>notices sniper peeking and goes behind cover
>waits almost exactly the perfect length of time for a sniper to fully charge before walking out of cover and standing still

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its almost like the common factor is rosemi

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My only interaction with any of those movies is falling asleep halfway through the first one, and baneposting

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I have 8

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>mh rise
>slay the spire endurance
let's plucking grow boys

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Rosemi-sama is cool!

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Don't worry femanons, when I make it into nijisanji I will provide only the most demented of BFW. I will be a sociopathic manipulator, my ASMRs will be kidnapping and abuse scenarios, and I will set up a cooking tag on twitter where I pick apart your cooking and reprimand you for every minor flaw.

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Hell yeah

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My number 1 most played band on Deezer this year was Vampire Weekend and 2nd was Carly Rae Jepsen, I've transcended feeling gay listening to music.

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I will become another deep voice male ikemen chuuba and finally I will have a deep voice chuuba friend to interact with

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Rosemi just transferred her twin pregnancy into Finana with sex magick, if feesh starts acting weird like talking about lactation or how her tummy feels weird now you know why.

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GOd imagine how queasy and bloated Rosemi will be feeling and how she'll just lay in her empty room at night with a huge stomachache and she'll huff and puff and you can hear her stomach fluids gurgling and bubbling and the sounds get louder and louder and she's so tired and can't resist and you can pick her up and shake her like a can of whipped cream and put her tiny stomach against your ear and listen to the sounds while she falls apart from embarrassment and you can sniff her sweat and you can wipe it off her tiny body and taste how different her sweat is after all the peppers and you can trace your fingers around her spasming stomach and tell her "wow you look pregnant like this" and tell her "aa the baby's kicking" whenever her belly gurgles super hard and

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Incredibly based.

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run the set loser nerd. FT10.
I'll teach you who's FGC.

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It's cool.

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I'm too cool for this thread right now.

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I missed all of Rosemi Night Live because I had diarrhea

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Rosemi's guerilla POV will pop up any moment now.

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I jacked off to the pregnancy scenes in twilight

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Hello female Rosebuds, now that you have seen how cringe the Dragoons are...
I ask once again... would you like to go on a date?
It has to be at a fancy restaurant, I don't particularly enjoy staying indoors and watching anime while vegetating.
If you want to stay inside, I'll gladly cook a nice dinner but I expect you to cover the cost of your portion, I don't skimp and ingredients are expensive.
We can then cuddle in bed, I'll even critique your fashion sense you want.

Regards, Rosebuddy.

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