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Bros I used to want nothing more than to sex Finana, but recently with all her stupid choices and just being retarded I am starting to just see her as a little sister who needs someone to help her. How do I lewd my little sister? I want to go back

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I try to post Fsh Love in every thread I can't but sometimes when I sleep the thread goes by so fast that I miss it.

I love this sweet lewd mermaid!

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I just love the fish, is that so wrong?

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Why not download her koikatsu card and fuck her anyway you want?

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Did you cum?

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For me I have an imouto fetish

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Honestly, I wish NijiEN had better rigs. They are still too static. The JPs at least have 3D models and play around with it making it more dynamic.

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did I miss a kino collab for not watching Elira?

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>Ban Hada has a sexy accent
>is barely speaking
Please Hada speak more or I'm finna Ban Hada.

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If schizos are shitting on each girl can we get some for Fish? she feels left out

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Damn you are are gonna make me search. Fine for my oshi

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Can I get it directly anon?

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Rude. I'm a thighs man.

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You wouldn’t fuck you little sister, right anon?

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You will stay loyal to me and not look at other girls, right Ryuguards?

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What games will you recommend Finana to play?

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I once again ask if anons know of good feet artist that accept commissions

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What will you say she is?

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Fish schizo here
You guys are just trying to get my collection aren’t you?

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I want to commission some foot art but the one’s I follow don’t accept requests, any recommendations?

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But how far will you love her?

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This fish is to cute for her own good. She is way too open with her fans and in general. And talks what’s on her mind even if it’s pretty lewd.

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Fish seems a little bit down, hope she’s doing okay…

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