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>Gotta get some air on my ass since it's getting SWEATY.
Finana what the fu—

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>Enna wants to bap a cow's uterus

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I would but I don't want my dick to catch fire.

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bruh she literally bailed out because she didn't like the schedule and didn't want to wake up at 2AM, especially now that she's finally fixed her sleep schedule to be a normal one.

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Comedy gold incoming

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finana called us cringe...

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Finana lurks here??? I hope she did during comfy hours or she will think we hate her.

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Sup bitches, it's Chadwarden here. Aight I'm talking about that Lazulight. Lazulight my nigga. I ain't talkin bout Holomyth... That Myth shiet... Shit people tryna say how Gura is the most popular vTuber ever. Well you know what I'm tryna say? I'm tryna say that Finana Ryugu is the bomb nigga, is that true shit. True shit. But come on now, Holomyth? People tryna say that Pomu is a Hololive reject. I don't give a fuck! You know who else was a Hololive reject? Hoshimati Suisei. Everyone knows is that... Nijisanji got the best vTubers, nah I mean nigga? I mean come on, you got that fake yuri shit with Hololive, Pekora and Miko where they ain't even friends no more and then Pekora goes wah! wah! wah! Come on! Who wants to watch that shit? I need to watch me some Crossick...

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Oh god if Wosemi can block it's over for le fishe.

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Finana is being held hostage, she's going to pee herself at this rate...

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I already missed all 3 gruella streams

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Now THIS is peak nijisanji content

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>Corpos would be idiotic to hire some vtweeter that has never streamed

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She's gonna start in the UK and drive RHT I can sense it.

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The latter scenario can be solved by benevolent meido intervention.
My experience tells me that fish groomers wouldn't get that privilege but I hope I'm wrong.

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I believe that. I'm afraid I'll dream about a sweaty Elira at some point.

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The sand curse continues to haunt the OP...

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>I don't think Pomu is in danger
This shit. This exact same shit is why I don't want any saviorfags near Finana. As soon as one of these 4 clearly shows lower numbers than the rest all saviorfags will move to her en masse and pretend they were day one fans.
I've seen this happen a million times, so you better hope Pomu has a solidified fanbase by then. At least I know the zoomer fish has retards like me that like those shitty jokes, good gaming skills and mesugaki teasing.

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Every time Finana likes one of my tweets or reads my chat comment I freak out. I'm not used to it. Cherish your lesser known chuubas while you can.

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it feels like an old-school square game water cave dungeon

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I miss the mermaid. I am looking forward to the Resident Evil stream after seeing today's.

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