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Elira is a good girl. I hope those of you who oshi her stay loyal, and give it a few years and you'll see how embracing those feelings can help you strive to do better rather than fall into a pit of despair like the goslingfags.

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You think she regrets not holding out and joining EN instead of ID?

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I might need to take a break from vtubers for a while if Hana graduates.

I'm not sure I'd be able to watch them after that without thinking of her...

Just the idea of it makes me well up a little.
I hope I'll be okay if it happens.

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I quit heroin because of this fucking poopoo gremlin.

There's a lot more but I think that says quite a lot in and of itself. Let your inner Gosling give you strength.

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Daisenpai kamioshi, 1 1/2 years going strong.

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Old thread: >>2042154

Post stuff about cute coffee bean and other NijisanjiID chuubas

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