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she HAS been doing quite a lot of architecture on her recent streams. there's a reason it's an emote in her chat.

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genuinely hoping my favorite vtuber nyanners has a fun time celebrating her birthday with her family right now!

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how do i learn to like the other vtubers? i tried the others a bit but they just did not feel as interesting as nyanners. i even watched some tranny vtubers for a while and did not immediately close because they were actually good at the games which is something that girl vtubers never are

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thats nice of you and i understand that this is a thread for all of them. i just wish that there were other en vtubers that were as cute as the nyanner.. so far i have not managed to find anything similar but it might just be my search skills

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"Senzawa? No thanks, I prefer the original" edition

Tonight's program:
>VR Exploration! 12 PM PDT / 3 PM EDT / 7 PM GMT

Kizuna Ai / Nyanners collab concert on April 24th, have you got your tickets yet? They're going to sing a Chug Jug With You duet.

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Nyanners is not a hypocrite.

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>Acknowledge that nyanners is full of shit but enjoy her vids
>Everybody else here just wants to shit on her completely or defend her from all criticism.

Can't we all just say that yeah she has some problems and just enjoy the videos regardless?

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pink cat good

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