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>she is not the horny coomer people like to pretend

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built for breeding

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the best damn onahole in nijien

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She knows and prbly touches herself to us a lot as well.
Being desired by so many and drowning in ya know, really gives someone like her the kick.

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For me, it's the fish bitch. It's like if Luna joined Vshoujo. I can stand it with Luna because it all sounds like blabla baby gibberish to me, but someone speaks English with that voice, and with those topics? It's like hearing a toddler going into prostitution, it's honestly kinda unsettling.

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Ok imagine this.
>Ryuguards hoard their superchat money
>They flood Finana at the same time during Kokomi stream with messages like "Whaling for c6 Finana" "Spending my primos on the Finana Banner" "Just lost my 50/50 so I'm going back in for guarenteed Finana"
>Finana becomes super flustered and overwhelmed by supas.
>It gets clipped and blows up with clickbait titles like "Finana furious when rolled by viewers in superchat Banner"
>Finana gains a ton of subs and new viewers.

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Finana did nothing wrong. I like how raw she is.

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>Finana retweeted this
This fucking fish

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Finana, your little sister, happened to get on your computer while you were in the shower and she found out what you jack off to.

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We need Finana bukkake art

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Finana is such a sweet and earnest girl, I love her so much. I fantasize every night about what it would be like to be sex friends with her. I think it would actually be really comfy. You could talk about your kinks openly with her and try all sorts of shit without her being too judgemental. She would probably be really sweet about giving feedback and make even the most self-conscious or low-confidence ryuguard feel comfortable about having sex. I bet having her as a sexual partner could teach you a lot about yourself. Even if you never got to date her, just having her as someone you could talk to about things you'd be afraid to ask anyone else would be so fulfilling. If she was open enough to actually let you try things with her that would be amazing as well.

I think I'm gonna write a fanfic about being FWBs with her. IDK why I envision a sexual friendship with her as more fulfilling than a romantic one, but it really makes me fantasize about so many scenarios.

I just love this fish too much!!!

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oral fixation is a fetish of mine

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does finana prefer fellatio or irrumatio?

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Time to supa chat fish to tell her to turn off her porn torrents.

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At the same time Finana will cure that by constantly edging you.

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You know what she has to do...

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Finana is gonna stream soon which makes me very happy!

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Literally built for long-term commitment.

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Of course, she said herself she hates fake lolis.

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Alma is my favorite char and Fina voicing her is just

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you're watching my girlfriend, right?

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I'm not sure about your tastes but watch fish

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The fish is practically begging for it. I don't know what you expected

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