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Every month I'm reminded of how long its been since Lulu graduated. I miss Sephira as well. Someone please tell me Sephira reincarnated at least...

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Is Vox getting shitposted on the board because Mori replied to him on twitter?

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why are pomudachs like this

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dang i wish i had a british accent, i only have my australian/new zealand mix

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i shouldn't had opened it

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I'm sleeping with the lights on tonight thanks a lot you jerks

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why are you like this, OP....

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>otome addict wants to look sexy for her male kouhais
>forever trapped in the body of a prepubescent girl
Being Petra truly is suffering

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>Have fun with part 3 of this stream.
Why did you have to ruin my night like that bro?

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never accidentally drink my pee, but i did accidentally tested my cum twice

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Please god don't let this happen

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are pentomos gonna have to leave if brownies becomes official?

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But no Petra face still...

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Is talking about cocks with your friends that weird, even if we're joking around? I might need to have a talk with my friends then...

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why are they so autistic? all i wanted was cool bfe...

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I used to think pentomos were cute, even wanted a pentomo gf(male)
now I know they're nothing but a bunch of perverts

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Culture differences are interesting desu.
I'm the only one in my family and friend circle that doesn't swear and people make fun of me for it.

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People were still cosplaying 02 at a con I went to this year…

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>Gay thread is way faster than the straight thread

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But I say choccy milk and I'm a man

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I don't mind Ironmouse, she know how to make a collab work, and she's actually really sweet. The thing i'm worried about is the fucking awful fans that VShoujo has. We already have enough with how retarded YouTube chat is.

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Honestly Pomu gives me way hours and quality of entertainment than my Netflix sub or spending money on some dumb gacha. I just don't donate because I feel I might fall too deep into this.

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don't be mean guys are scary okay

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