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>Holostars: Journey to find Stars
>Hololive: Journey like a Thousand Years

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You didn't even wait a full minute after that post jesus christ. Imagine having someone as inoffensive as Ayame living that rent free in your head.

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/hlgg/ I already told you that you can't fix every problem in the world with rape correction. That's not how things get done around here.

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Gura antiposting hasn't even surpassed Ayame antiposting, get the fuck back in line you little baby.

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Ayame doesn't have representation from her fanbases here, it's literally just people calling her a whore.

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I watch every Hololive stream I'm able to, can you say the same? Can you say that you watch Iofi along with Kanata? Hmm? No you can't. Why DON'T you watch Moona? Why DON'T you watch Anya? Why DON'T you watch Aki? Why DON'T you just shut the bloody hell up m8.

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>off model
Mio's are quite nice. But they're not dobonhonkeros.

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That's how Ayame threads always go. It always starts with people going what a whore and then if it doesn't die within 80 posts it devolves into retard arguments and then trying to attack Nakirigumi, most of which don't really give a shit either way because they either watch other Holos, watch their oshis vods, or just do something else.

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>people armchairing shit again
>nobody suggesting the obvious
>we need a 100x roll
honk, do the needful
Nah, we didn't make it out of Group.

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that's one word and an initialism

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They hated him because he told them the truth.
>he doesn't understand what kino or soul mean.
Allow me to translate:
kino (adjective)
"It's shit but I'm a consoomer retard with no personality outside the products I consume and therefore feel the need to defend corporations on the internet and do it for FREE."
soul (adjective)
Synonymous with kino.

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>I will never accept Hololive as Hololive

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Not that anon.
>simply changing your mindset
Don't act dumb. Agency isn't real. Everything you believe is a product of your genes and upbringing. Even your response to this post was determined for you by your neurons - 'consciousness' doesn't even enter into it.

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if looking at water inspires you, you probably have an extremely easy life

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everyone under 25 should be gassed tbqh

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you're right, you should leave us plebeians with our faggoty ass checks and balances and go enjoy the enlightened rule of the glorious king of saudi arabia

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>Was coco really the only reason gen 1 was successful?
do cocucks really belieb

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I can almost feel Mio...

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>definitely not "very expensive"

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>here's a "what if" scenario
>please answer it but don't make shit up
what the fuck do you want

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you worship a schizophrenic dead rabbi, you really shouldn't be talking

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