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Rest in piece you crazy Diamond. Thanks for supporting Soda-chan. Your mark in the history of the girls will forever be embedded within the consciousness of Sora herself.

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Honestly, as being of fan of all of 3 these vtubers.... It's a little tough to say the least.

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Man, this is painful to read. Thank god I don't send DMs.

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The Transcript
"I actually... I hate that. Like, that side of Hololive that roleplays. Because it like, when you know, about all like the uhm... background stuff, that they have to do just to be in Hololive and how they have to be roleplaying it's like spooky. Hololive personalities don't own their model. They don't have any decision making when it comes to how they look like. They don't own their YouTube or their social media. If they get fired, they lose everything. Yeah, it's called graduation, it's so fucked up, dude! Fuck that shit! You get graduation into homelessness that's so fucked! [reads comment: They promote their talents as idols.] Yeah, fuck, then they get doxed and shit. I dunno I hate it. I like, I like the uh, streamers, I think. I don't know, I don't know like what I like. I like the roleplay but the whole idol culture is so messed up. It's hard for me to watch Hololive a little bit. It feels really scripted, no? Yeah I think, I think that they just have to stay in roleplay. They literally support a terrible company. After the actual idols that have left Hololive talked about it, and the way that they're treated... Keep defending it dude."

So, which part were rrats and which part is ffacts /vt/? I'll curse this company forever and ever and its zhang contractors. or we can come to an agreement that vei is still a bitch for spreading unfounded rrats... I'm open to either side.

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Are you happy? You got what you wanted.

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