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Finana isn't unfiltered enough?

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You've worked for hours, no, DAYS, perfecting this cute mermaid princess that Nijisanji requested from you. You slave over every detail, every angle, start to dream about her personality according to her backstory. You fall in love with the image of this little idol fish goddess that you've dreamt up in your head, and now your art is finally complete. You submit it, cash your check, and dreamabout your happy life with your royal Atlantean waifu that you created. Months later, you decide you wanna see how your daughter holds up to your ideals. So you look for some Japanese-subbed clips so you can understand her adorable gaijin tongue, you click play, aaand...

..she's talking about her sex toys, how messy her morning shits were after the cheesy gorditas she had from Taco Bell last night, and finally starts sharing some of her favorite erodoujins that she pirated off of nhentai this week.

How would you feel as a parent?

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imagine the smell

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"jesus christ my tits were sweating"

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Only a soul can take virginities, of which machines have none. She's still my pure fishie princess.

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It's banging all right

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Finana love!

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one thing I like about finana is that her pussy always feels tight and fresh even after so much abuse

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Can you imagine the smell?

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But we already have A Sexual Finana

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I am Finana, ask me anything.

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Don't slack on your reps.

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she activates my neurons in a very carnal way but deep down i feel like i can save her. i want her to be mine but it feels so bad to think this way sometimes.

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>getting put in her place
t-tell me how are they gonna do that, anon

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It happens when you don't have a more focused community. Being in /vitagen/ was godly for actual online play. Played MANY games of EDF 2017 and Soul Sacrafice with those folks. Then there were others playing various fighting games with one another. Was/is a glorious general. Though I think they are mostly about DRPGs and VNs now.

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God... I wonder if Finana has a unwashed toy lost somewhere that became a nest of little maggots and bugs...

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shes a zoomer pretending to be a whore and she needs a violent fucking to be set straight. that being said i love finana.

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I know what I said.
I know what my dick said.

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id love to choke and tie her up. thing is i dont know if shes the one that wants to be tied up.

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>>Someone hates Finana and thinks she should be in vshojo
I mean, besides the "hate" part, it's true. Her entire schtick is peepee poopoo pussydick humor, and there's nothing wrong with that, but that's undeniably Vshoujo's main gimmick.

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also making finana stupid from constant sex UUUUUUOOOOOOOOOO

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You're the ocean I wanna dive into tonight~!

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