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>I don't get paid to play it

I fail to understand how this is the rrat slayer you claim it is. Lets lay it out:

rrat 1 - Whaling comments

>has previously stopped playing a game due to whaling trolling (IDV)
>has previously said she'll stop streaming genshin for the same reason (whaling trolling and trolling about her shitty understanding of game mechanics)
>quits in the middle of a streaming free primo event directly after being trolled about whaling
>goes on a 15-30 minute rant about Genshin actually being f2p and not just being gacha bait

rrat 2 - she doesn't get paid to play it

>makes one cursory comment during her stream while shes been joking about not having an erbs sponsorship

rrat alive

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>4chan is the last place that's a hivemind, newfag

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