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Which holo would you die for?

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She's already bragging as hard as she can.
Poor Spacer he's just a tool to be waged in a family feud.

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>Most posts talking about other streamers and talking about my cute oni oshi when she's streaming.

I don't know but if I did get the job, I'd be very happy.

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>Ayame wanted to sing Marine's Ahoy but was too shy to ask Marine originally but then finally did it, causing Marine to be surprised and type suki at her, which lead to the conversation they had on Twitter.

Slowly but surely Ayame is starting to get over her social autism. And now I get to hear Ayame singing AHOY.

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Honestly I wasn't expecting so many streams in a row especially with Bloom coming up because I know how much she practices and cools off when a major event is showing up, so the fact that I got so many hours to see and hear my oshi laugh and giggle while playing Apex and then have some real nice moments when Roboco called her up for an impromptu collab, inviting Fubuki later on and having a six hour session made me feel so so SO very incredibly happy. I hope I got some people to check her out as well, she really deserves praise.

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Ayame. Our ojou.

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