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Marineand famed Italian poet Dante gave great words of wisdom about this.
All sin is but a manifestation of love. Love distorted, Love misplaced, or Love excessive, all sins of humanity can be boiled down to manifestations of love.
Those who hate someone or something the most, they nearly always do it out of love.
It could be love for what once was, feeling that the person who exists now is not truly who they once loved and wishing to try and "restore them" to their old self through hatred: Love Distorted.
It could also be love for something else, and perceiving the person they hate as a being who will bring harm to those they love, no matter how misguided that idea may be. Attacking someone and justifying it as protection: Love Excessive.
It could also just as well be hatred directed not of their own genuine feelings, but out of their love for another, who guides them to attack another person for reasons they don't understand, or for outright lies. Attacking someone because someone you love told you it was the right thing to do: Love Misplaced.
Everything in the world of man is guided by love and reason, and their intermingling gives us humanity. But because of that, sin is born of failure.

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You guys enjoying it? Good. If you are, just keep enjoying.
This is it, though, huh? That hit me like a fucking truck for some reason a few minutes ago. This is it. This is the very last time this duo will ever do this kind of stream again. If you watch it live, this will be the very last time you can see this kind of content as it's new to you. I don't know why the fuck this is hurting me again now compared to when this first became clear, but fucking damnit, man. Appreciate what you have now, and don't ever take anything for granted. I'm glad we had a month to understand that, but I wish it was never over.

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Any time

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Let me tell you the age-old wisdom of my people, anon, passed down to me from my family and my country's ancient scholars.
There is literally nothing in the world that is not worth doing in the pursuit of a woman, no matter how degrading or shameful, if you truly long for them. If dating my oshi meant going to the town center in a dress and shouting racial slurs, the only hesitation I'd have is while deciding the best dress for the occasion.

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>L: By the way, there was a special feature about Gunkanjima on TV the other day. Did anyone of you see it? I already said before that I'd like to go there one day.
>L: It was really interesting because they showed a lot of different places, much more than they usually show and more than you can see when you go there on a tour.
>L: The residential area was the most exciting to me.
>L: Seeing those remains of places where people lived in the past. You could still see remnants of their lives there.
>L: Like slides in the playground for example.
>L: A person who lived there in the past was the guide and he used a drone to show where he used to live and talked about it.
>L: You could see the school there, you could see the local Shinto shrine.
>L: It feels like a sacred place. You can feel that something is still there. But there isn't.
>L: You can feel the traces of people living there in the past
>L: It's like blending of life and death
>L: I hear that NieR has a similar atmosphere. Is it true?
>L: It has? Then it might be interesting. I hear that the game is a bit difficult, would I be able to play it?
>L: Maybe I'll play it some day.

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the game

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