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Now here's a question, we're all just shitposting here right? Obviously no one takes anything said in this thread serious

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Why does EN always shit on roleplaying, can't go 5 seconds without going "this sucks it's so cringe I don't care I didn't work on this I know you hate it"
Just have some fun and love yourself...

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He's such a unitybro that he gave up his meal for the day to support his EN senpai.....

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I like how Luxiem looks and I'm gonna watch their debuts because I want EN males to be successful in general but I can't find myself as excited as I was when LazuLight and Obsydia debuted. Lately I've been getting more and more back into Japanese vtubers and ENs just don't do it for me like they used to. They really should have released EN males earlier.

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>When It's a Ninatard

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>nijiEN slutposting never

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>unironic holobronys

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Yes, they're much lower. What are you gonna say now? That NijiEN has a higher ratio of profit compared to HoloEN? People with bigger audiences usually get worse ratios, that's NORMAL.

Oh wait one of your fellow tribalist faggots already did that for you >>14165000

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She doesn't deserve this

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>started to turn around on Nina and forgave her for the sexual comments about Petra's butt on Erythrium debut
>now Finana is making Petra do trash Vine dances and she actually chose it over having a choice to not do it
It's hard being a Pentomo. Everyone wants to corrupt her and half of our ranks are turning into sissies in this general.

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She's definitely going to take 20x the time to clear the stages using Hoshi to kill everything

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If I have been talking to lesbian i7fags in here I'll hang myself, I hate those so much.
While we're on the topic of faggotry, I wish Penhomos would tone their gayposting down significantly.

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>Petra is going to JP and Oliver is going to become EN

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>90 Rosebuds are in prison right now

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Too real

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I only know Texas, Cali and Florida

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A true pentomo would know Petra is the biggest Nijifag around, and was a clipper before becoming Petra.

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>Say something dumb in chat
>Your oshi starts giving you the silent treatment
How do you cope?

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How the fuck this happen for so long holy shit

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>Petra is just killing herself

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>They're just doing their jobs
It doesn't mean you can't be grateful Enna...

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>Some anon somewhere knows all about my post patterns and calls me a faggot every time a post

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>Only Pomu likes manly men

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