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If you watch holoEN during Pomu kys

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I would've probably qualified as a Holobrony back in 2020 since they were the only vtubers I really watched.
Nowadays the only Holo I watch consistently is Haato for her Haachama Sunday streams, otherwise I might check out the rest if none of the NijiEN or Prism girls are streaming but it gets really boring how little they grow as streamers and how repetitive most of their content is. Especially HoloEN are even more stagnant than HoloJP, despite Kiara and Ame's efforts to try new things it's all just derivative crap their managers think is "safe".
The worst thing about smaller vtubers is their autistic groomer fans that try to force themselves onto the chuuba, but it's much easier to ignore than shitty management.

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You have to go back

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No, not yet. Those are typical Homo numbers.
NijiEN's first male wave next year will be what kills Holostars. Holostars get no Japanese clips and have no relevancy outside of EOP saviorfags, save for maybe Roberu. But for the rest of the Stars, this is the last year that they'll be relevant.

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Reminder to check your images before posting them.
If they do not meet the requirements do not use them.

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Stop mocking the fish by saying she's a Hololive reject. Do you know who else was a reject? Hitler was a art school reject. Ben Shapiro was a Hollywood reject. Hong Xiuquan was rejected by the Chinese imperial exams and started a rebellion that killed millions. Steve Bannon was a Hollywood reject. Mike Pence was a comic artist reject.
Never underestimate the power of rejects!!!

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Go back home immigrant.

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