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That's the life

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that's the good stuff

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Reminder that if you're under 6 feet (~183cm) as an adult male, you're defective and shouldn't be treated as a human being. Same for if your penis is under 7 inches (~18cm).

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Don't have to worry about cuckposting if you're only going to watch the men, LET'S GOOOO!

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Assuming this isn't bait, I'm guessing that they gave the males the worst designs just so the gachikois wont be intimidated when the females collab.
That or its suggestive fujobait for people like Elira.

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Any vtubers that are lovable dorks?

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It's basically a group zatsudon so it's okay in my books

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Based Elira watcher

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Now THAT'S nepotism

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Take the Niji pill Lunaito

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>a whore
>a furry
>panders and browses /here/ and kiwifarms then cries on Twitter about people gossiping about her
But that's great. The more fucked up, the better.

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Finana: I'm telling you guys, the white sauce. It-It's-

Elira: YO that's what- the tartar sauce? That's what I'm saying. Like, cause, I looooooooooove mayonnaise sooooo much that when I'm like eatin-

Pomu: We know, Elira. We know.

Elira: Yo, my Nijisanji unofficial JP wikipedia page? My favorite foods are only natto and mayo. That's it.

Pomu: *gagging sounds*

Elira: That's the on- and you know what it says? As the comments?

Rosemi: You eat like the natto with mayo?

Elira: No no no no no no no. But the- Okay, so on the unofficial JP wiki, it says my favorite twofoo- favorite two foods are mayonnaise and natto. And then the only comment that has ever happened- the only comment regarding my favorite food is "Because natto is imported internationally, the natto is frozen. Thus, Elira Pendora has to microwave her natto before putting it on rice." And a lot of JP viewers were really shocked that I had to, like, microwave my natto before I had to put it on rice? Which I guess kinda makes sense. Yeah, I gotta microwave my nut. What the fuck of it? So I have to microwave the nut before I eat it, okay? So what?

Rosemi: You have to microwave the nut?

Elira: YEAAAAAH! Wait, I have a nut button. Have you ever heard it before? *Nut* That's my nut button. Anyways, so *giggle* when I eat natto I have to microwave it, and JP viewers were sssooooooooooo freaked out. At first. But now I think they've grown accustomed to it, because I told them "Oh I'm sorry, um, I live across seas. So you know, it's gotta travel the Pacific Ocean, so it's gotta be frozen over time or else, like, you know, it's already fermented, it's gonna get worse and worse and worse and worse, and people already hate the smell of natto anyways, but I think it smells sooooooooo good.

Pomu: Oh my God, Elira, when she's drunk, does not shut the fuck up.

Elira: No no no no no, this is the same as always. The only difference is that- the only difference between normal Elira and Elira right now is that I have consumed 750 milliliters of soju.

Pomu: Oh my God.

Finana: God dayum.

Elira: I DRANK THE WHOLE BOTTLE! HOLY SHIT IT'S EMPTY! WAIT! WHEN DID I DRINK THE WHOLE THING!? Oh wait, there's a little bit left. All right. Let's- Let's take one last shot together, everybody. Okay, ready?


Finana: Everybody together. Everyone together.

Elira: Ahhhh. Okay. Well, I finished it. I drank the whole bottle. It's finished now. I just took the last shot that was left and I drank the whole thing.

Pomu: Finana, how much have you had to drink?

Finana: Ummmm... don't worry about it.

Elira: Wait, how much did you drink? Did you drink the four cans?

Finana: Don't worry about it.

Elira: Wait, did you go and get more when you said... Oh my God, did you guys-

Finana: No no no no no

Elira: Wait, I don't think I should say this on you guys' stream. Because, honestly, like, I don't know if you guys wanna know so like I don't think we should say it, you know what I mean?

Rosemi: What?

Finana: Say what?

Elira: Your bathroom adventures? I think we should keep it as like our own little thing on our own little stream.

Pomu: Oh yeah. Please don't.

Finana: Ohhhh yeah.

Elira: Your little, like- Like your bathroom adventures? I think we should keep it-

Finana: You know, we both had, like, Niagara Falls?


Pomu: Oh my God *unintelligible* you don't need to share it.

Rosemi: Niagara Falls!?

Elira: Oh yeah. No no, there was more! There was more to it but you guys don't get to know that it's *whispering*

Rosemi: What is Niagara Falls!?

Elira: What the fuck do you mean "what is the Niagara Falls"? Basically, the Niagara Falls is, like, a tourist attraction that is-


Elira: -between both America and Canay- Canada. Oh my God, I almost said Canadia. Oh my God imagine being Canadian and saying Canadia, ah, couldn't be me. Anyway, so, the- the only difference is that the Canada side is like actually really really pretty, but the American side is just one like little streamline of water and they're like "Yeah, this is our Niagara Falls." But like honestly, that's like, kinda lame? And as someone who's only ever gone to the, like, Niagara Falls ever like once, because that shit's far as fuck, like who the fuck would go there in their free time ever as a Canadian? Like I dunno, that's not me, but like, like, yo America? You gotta up your game a little bit 'cause the Niagara Falls are kinda wild.


Elira: Ohhhh! That's BECAUSEEE, okay, Rosemi-sama, because, when you- when you drink alcohol, Rosemi-sama. Listen to me. Rosemi-sama, listen to me with your ears wide open...

Rosemi: I'm-I'm-

Pomu: I can physically feel Elira in Rosemi's face.

Elira: Oh, can you? Okay, good. Because my mouth is like, *on* my pop filter right now. Like, I have never been this close to my mic ever in my whole life until right now, but- buuut...

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Starting when you wake up is without a doubt the best time to start if you're drinking a bunch.

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They're redditors after all.

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Elira is so stunning and brave. Nijisanji truly does represent the future of vtubing.

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Harassment has no objective meaning when it's entirely subjective and determined by women on a whim. Honestly, imagine arguing with a man. Who exactly decided you ever had a chance at winning?

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