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so all the deniers posters are holofag is true...

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Elira's voice may be a good indicator of the humidity currently present between her thighs

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Disgusting, wheres her big, soft, dragon tits?

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Yes, only Reimu was trying to keep unity together, and even then if it was for the win she'd knock someone into the stratosphere.

>Watching Finana pull was painful because of how extremely lucky she was.
Feesh is lucky in all things

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nice trips
also what would you consider different, genuinely asking

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At what age do you genuinely count as an ojisan? Are you one when kids and their mothers start calling you one?

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I don't know if I've been successfully conditioned by alt he fish lewd but I actually find her voice very attractive now. I have no interest in these gacha game streams at all but I am simply drawn to her voice.

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>Finana planned to have Pomu join because she's scared of her viewers now and doesn't trust them

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Oh yeah you're right. Braces have a relatively bad reputation for painful blowjobs compared to piercings don't they?

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Well why not?

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The inflation in mooches and kisses is causing a slow but severe decrease in their value.

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Rather have groomers than a chat full of underageb& memespammers.
So long as they aren't third world retards at least.

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>Squid Game
I'm sick of hearing about this shit, Finana seems obsessed, is it worth watching?

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Who's the most menhera of EN?

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Who's the Dark Souls of NijiEN?

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>but she's acting like someone who is struggling with money
It's almost like she's milking her simps for money.

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why are endurance streams a thing?
eventually you'll be more focused on beating the game instead of being entertaining for the viewers, then it becomes a bore unless you're a sadist

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So can we all agree that obsydia is more the face of niji en than lazulight? Even the OP usually obsydia more than lazulight.

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I do have one, but I never tried to make rice the japanese way, maybe I should. It's just that I'm more interested in trying to make noodles, but I'm too stupid to make my own sauce so I have to resort to buying premade soba sauce from the internet.

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I was only able to make it to the Phasmo stream in the last hour or so. Were the previous guest dynamics this fucking hilarious or is it just because how well Selen works with Petra and Mika?

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Really activates your almonds.

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what's with all the dramafags in this thread?
also how the fuck are you asking shit like "what yab" when everyone and their moms was talking about it when it happened

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