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>Yugioh masterduel is out
Is there even a 0.1% chance that anyone is going to play this in nijiEN?

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>tfw I'm switching to Finana because of Pomu abusing her GoXLR
How the tables have turned.

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Everyone was talking about their ass that day, ok. I'm not an attention whore.

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Vox you're going to end up with diabetes. I got it even while being skinny because I was addicted to energy drinks...

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Meds for depression have some side effects like this too.

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Did you voice your thoughts?

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I know it is weird anon, this is why I usually pretend to like something when people ask, but it makes sense I guess:

>They could link similar images of the brain of an autistic person with the images of the brain of a person with musical anhedonia.

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>People think you need a full 65+ team to beat Cynthia
Why chat is trying to make Pomu grind

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turns out I am just retarded and left it somewhere before timing out recently. Surprised no one actually nigged it now it's been there a while

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I'm currently having anal sex with Pomu

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I've been postponing my coding reps due to streams, the fomo is real

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It's simple anon.
You see around the holidays, people sometimes feel stressed out. Beyond the change in weather there's also gift, festive planning, maybe having plans to visit family, there's a lot to do at once and it can stress people out.
And when you have a sexually frustrated office lady that can't go to molest her meidos in Japan and a bunch of sexually frustrated post-high school students or sexually repressed wagies in one place, the result is this.

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No what?

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>HIV-positive dudes

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Guys will comment about cameltoes when possible

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Mine is pretty close to that. I was talking about it earlier today >>13503483

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>$50 for a photo
No wonder Pomu went broke kek

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>Nina is a Tamamo-no-mae
>She is a human eater

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Come here Pomu let me slap your ass

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Pomu...Did you guys have a chuuni phase? What did you guys do?

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She just used your credit card to buy some merch and is trying to look as cute as possible so you forgive when you see it.

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>Youtube made a Pomu playlist for me

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