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>hang out in a Twitch stream all day
>one of the chat regulars has these sub emotes of a girl with silver hair
>check out that streamer
>no webcam, playing overwatch or something
>year or two later watching a random JP channel that translates Twitch clips
>same streamer is a Vtuber now for fun
>check out her stream again
>she's really funny and blunt
>have a fun time
>keep watching for a few weeks
>eventually stop keeping up with her stream
>see what she's up to months later
>she's a full succubus now
>she's in VShoujo
>she's more unfiltered than ever
>get turned on
>jack off to random clips and porn of her
>could've been watching Vei grow as a Vtuber but now I'm just a distant coomer
Why am I like this, /vt/?

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