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Barely anything all of last week other than Mousey's thanksgiving and Haruka's comf stream, and now all of this at once. We're back bois.

Considering I watch everybody you listed, it's all fucking impossible so I've just been watching Myau.

As for the Genshin event, you can donate 20 subs if I recall and that'll get you some cosmetic shit. Not really worth it if you're just in for Genshin, but if you want to support Silver or Bao anyway then go for it. Maybe if Mousey was included I'd bite.

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i wish nyanners would shove my nose up her ass and spray her menhera period blood down my chin

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How horny is Snuffy on a scale of 1-10
For that matter, what about the girls?

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Yes, I would argue we're a very welcoming community within reason given our history and cultural origins. Vshojo is very decentralized and most of the members strongly retain their indie origins. Before Vshojo made it official, the girls already had a strong network of relationships with each other and frequently collaborated together. As the members collaborated their small fanbases did so too over common interests mostly porn until they amalgamated into what you see today. As such most of the community here is still being built around common interests and friendships rather than in groups and brand loyalties. It's also why many Vtuber friends of Vshojo members get discussed in these threads too.

I think what filters many hololive fans from here is the sharp difference in cultural origins. Much of the original Hololive fandom descends from the seiso idol community while much of the original Vshojo fandom descends from hentai communities. I don't hold anything against them for it though. We're not a community of saints nor do we revel in being piles of shit. Many of us are people just like you who enjoy watching cute girls doing cute things, just subtract a couple of fucks given.

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What's the cutest ship in VShojo?

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Whole crew edition!

Nyanners is currently live!

General for all of Vshojo and their friends. Melody, Ironmouse, Nyanners, Froot, Silver, Zen, and Hime. Plus Veibae, Snuffy, and Bunny.

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Mouse gets the weirdest videos from the Precious Family.

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this isn't a nyanners thread you stupid fucking niggers

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holoniggers wet themselves for panty shots and stupid 'i'm horny' reddit tier sexuality but get scared when a virtual woman crosses the invisible line of japanese idol faggotry

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it helps to be a lighthearted and fun person to be around and not some annoying faggot on /vt/

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