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Why does she always act like she's dirt when she's thanking her audience? What's wrong with her? Where's the self respect?

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>she doesn't know

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>most likely

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>Oh geez, I got disconnected from the server
>Hey guys, can I get the password? I forgot it
>H-hey guys?..
>Can you hear me?..

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I'm tired of all these females and female adjacent individuals (i.e. homosexual men and transvestites) posting on this board like they own the place. You don't even care about virtual youtubers, you only want to gossip about internet celebrities and talk about dick in pussy and dick in ass all day long. It's time you take your ass on a vacation and leave the rest of us in peace and not have to deal with your ridiculous drama and bullshit. I'm sick of seeing the same drama over and over in the same threads. I'm sick of reading about it and having to keep reading about it. I'm sick of all the hate and rage you're all spewing. I'm sick of your drama and BS. It's not funny and it's not funny. I'm sick of seeing all of your drama and nonsense. It makes me sick. Get the fuck outta here. All of you. All of you.

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I miss Wosemi-sama

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Be honest anons, would you be mad if she graduates and re-debutes in HoloEN 3rd gen?

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My cat was lost for more than a week and i was fucking depressed the entire time, i don't even want to think about him passing away

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I miss Wosemi

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I miss Rosemi already...
had to use a different image

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if i'm lucky i can go back to sleep, but sometimes i just have to get up and spend my day off running on five hours of sleep

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I miss Rosemi already...

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but my alarm goes off in just over five hours

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Vtubers are actually malevolent, parasitic egregores conjured up by otakus' collective refusal to accept reality.

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>casual sexism
Can you not?

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Anime talk on /vt/ kinda sucks.
I wish I could just talk to my oshi about the anime we like and why we like them. And then we watch them together.

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A childhood of having to feel responsible for her emotionally volatile mother's feelings has led to an inability of valuing her own emotions and personal boundaries; making it so much easier to just act along and ghost you afterwards.

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>The only liver in EN that I would consider to have a strong case for being autistic is Rosemi.
How tho. I feel like people meme this for her just because they think it'd be cute/funny

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When does it end?

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>I always forget about eating in this game

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I miss Rosemi already...

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i just want more vtubers to play fighting games why do they have to be such pussies

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Will Rosemi ever get a spine, form some boundaries of her own and become a fully realized adult?

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