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You have been bedeviled by a master-tier illusion caster.

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The amount of blush displayed by this froot is very acceptable

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Is froot a virgin? I need to know before I fall to hard for her and dedicate my life to her.

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My problem with this is that, yeah, if you're one of the people who was directly involved, sure, okay be mad I guess, but none of these twats are those people and they can't prove they are those people even if they claim it. So, there's functionally no difference on 4chan between someone actually wronged and mad and someone who was never wrong and being mad for someone else's sake and trolling baiting assfucks who just want to farm (you)s.

So, if you're an actual /k/fag who got wronged, sorry that happened to you, but I really can't be assed to care. If you're not a /k/fag acting like you are, I can't be assed to care then either. The cheating issue is the same thing to me. Are you her husband? Her lover? No? Fuck off then. I don't care how you feel.

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