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This is slow? I feel like I'm listening to a machine gun already

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>Going with Rukia just wouldn’t make sense besides the bantering.
Holy shit now I remember why I never bothered with these retarded arguments during the shipping wars in the first place. You're the one who said that if Ichigo loved Rukia so much he would've left his friends and family at the end of the SS to be with her. I was arguing that logic is terrible since Ichigo would never abandon his friends and family in the first place. Somehow you turned that into some weird tangent about how shady his Substitute Soul Reaper position is...only to completely forget your own tangent and pivot back to why Ichigo shouldn't end up with Rukia.
Every fucking time this happens with Ichigo x Orhime shippers. Fucking hell man...

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>Even with the Finana zatsudan Rosemi was fairly awkward the whole way through.
I heard someone say this before but when I went and watched the VOD Rosemi seemed fine? It was actually a pretty good collab.
Sometimes you people confuse me...

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>containment breaker is considered a chad

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>but its what really really brings the numbers with the market being so underestimated

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Enjoy the trip down the schizo rabbit hole and pray this never happens to NijiEN
>Multipart SC message
>Pastebin link
>Schizo comes to 4ch to defend himself

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How many people in the Ban Hada members only stream? Does she reply to chat messages a lot? I might sign up. Could she see that I'm an argie and my sub is in ARS?

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What the hell is that filename?

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>Asian leaf
>Speaks Japanese, English and French
>Not great at singing
These are all traits that several NijiEN members possess. Anykara seems to be looking for multilinguals in particular. But, it also seems way too early for Niji wave 3 candidates to be graduating. Their application to debut process took a lot longer last time. So maybe Hololive? But the similarity to NijiEN members makes it curious. Her interests seem a bit more "otaku" and niche than your average vtuber in either company, so I'm interested regardless.
We'll know soon if she's a Niji. It was very easy to guess who got into waves 1 and 2 because they all graduated back to back. Meanwhile pretty much every HoloEN member just went AFK from their roommate activities without a proper notice.

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Selen hasn't been the same ever since that match with Presley

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>Not a single western male chubba exists

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>apex collab with finana and apex
When the fuck did this happen? I thought yesterday she didn't stream aside from the morning zatsu. Oh great I'm finally losing it...

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Wtf you guys don't have these in America? I ate these all the time as a kid

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They already have plenty of chemistry, did you guys not watch their Minecraft collab?

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T-t-t-there's a stream going on y'know...

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Why do the NijiENs talk about sweat so much???

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What's the point of playing eroge if you aren't taking advantage of every H scene you get?

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Why is Finana the only Lazulight member collabing with Obsydia??

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Do Holobronies just stalk these threads looking for opportunities to shitpost? I can't imagine Nijifags purposefully ruining their own threads. Why are they so obsessed with us?

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Kek. What a dumb fish... desu I'd make the same mistake

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