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I'll look for it, gimme a min

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Kizuna Ai is still the queen. The only thing Ai-chan doesn't have is Mousey's motivational story, and she can do things that Mousey can't. That being said, I love Mousey so much. She is a treasure, an inspiration, and she's never boring and highly talented and entertaining. She's my favorite VShojo to watch and I never miss her streams. Nux, I know he's hated around most places but, once said that he wouldn't be surprised if Mousey was eventually the most popular vtuber in the world and for all his flaws he ain't a complete retard for thinking that. Mousey is behind the curve of a lot of other people, but she's got a lot of positives going for her.

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This is the cutest and most well-behaved Vshojo will ever be.

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Yeah that would make sense. Mousey has to defend her crown against the other 3 first.

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