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Japan does not have a good image of streamers.
As a result, V-culture itself is full of old otaku with a reputation as a "virtual cabaret".
They can't tell the difference between Niji-sanji and Hololive. And they are only too happy to burst into flames.

Secondly, the main otaku forum in Japan is Twitter, and Twitter has a very strong rotten girl presence, which makes it easy for Niji-sanji men to be protected and women to be abused.

Furthermore, 5chan is terrible.
A newcomer to Nijijiji, who is rumored to be the reincarnation of Aloe, pointed out that "4chan likes Aloe, so all the users of Hololive will be taken by Nijijiji!
I'm not sure how many times I've seen this post, but it's more inaccurate than holo-global.

The decent ones escape to Futaba Channel and live quietly.

The reason why they are still alive in Japan is that Nijiji users are extremely averse to other languages and insist on calling Hololive "a bunch of crooks who flatter foreign countries".
The Koshien project and APEX project are symbols of this.

Finally, "Is Niji JP interesting if you know Japanese?" But even if you understand Japanese, it's not interesting.
It's better if they can speak Japanese as well as they can use it.
Most of them are as good as Nabimama or Guramama.
If you think I'm lying, you have to watch APEX, but it's a pain.
If the number of concurrent connections is a little higher, they can be placed in the lower tier of holo-lives.
At the top, Tsukino is a negative Marine captain, unable to collaborate. I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on, but I'm not sure if you'll be able to.
Nuit is Subaru, who has deteriorated and has no collaboration.
Gundo is Choko-sensei who makes problematic comments.
The singularity that cannot be replaced by holo is the stray cat that went to the hospital with washcloths on her nipples. Annoying.

As for the Niji men, I have never understood why the fujoshi like them.
I find the voices of Kronowa and Tsurugime unpleasant and totally unacceptable. So I can't even try to make an accurate judgment.
It is said that the most popular among men are Maimoto and yasiro, which is certainly somewhat better, but I think it is a reasonable number of registrants.

It's best not to refer to 5chan or numbers for a while during Koshien. It is a transient event.
From there, it's "Niji-sanji is awesome! Hololive is over!" But it turned out last year that things will return to normal once Koshien is over.

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