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Some asshole tried to trick Zen into saying kike on stream. She dodged it. What the fuck is wrong with people?

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What we need is to continue embracing our unity mindset and ignoring the obvious baitfag shitters. We have Niji-bros that hang out in here and we have Holo-bros who hang out in here. Many of us are fans of multiple groups. There's no tribalism here. No "solidarity" with just another group to alienate the third. That's retarded. Most HLfags are indifferent to what we do, it's just the faggots that cause issues all the time. There are Niji-faggots and there are VSHJ-faggots (one asshole a couple of threads ago blatantly claimed he made a Veibae thread just to rile up the HLfags and he got a vacation for it). So, we have our idiots, and they also need to learn not to be faggots.

If you're a Vgenerate and you want to antagonize other groups, do it elsewhere. We like happy, cozy, and comfy in here. Everybody else stop feeding (you)s to the fucking bait, especially the obvious bait. At least force them to make GOOD bait.

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>streamer does the yuri thing with another streamer (actually several of them)
>not allowed to post on her Twitter appreciating gay fans

You people are weird.

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Dumbass politics poster in Zen's stream. Zen was talking about how much she likes Japan and wants to go there to experience it and some dude dono's in a comment about how great Japan in and how much fun the WW2 war crimes were.

The fuck is wrong with people.

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