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This collab is probably going to suck as an EOP but I'm so happy for Rosemi I don't even car

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cant get rosemi's intro out of my head

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>Rosemi and Finana had their last match, sweaty and trembling, Rosemi ends her stream
>her keyboard drenched in sweat from her fingers
>Rosemi still physically trembling sits upright only to feel the sweat from her pits have completely drenched her white shirt, a puff of steam escapes from her sleeves as the moisture around her carries a slight scent of flowers and bitter salty defeat
>As she gets up from her chair she notices how wet her tights are from sitting in one spot for so long, a warm breeze feels ice cold along her thighs as she tries to air out the inner thigh musk that's emanating from the high stress games
>as she slowly tries to walk towards the bathroom, her feet start to lose grip on the wooden floor from the slippery mess she made as the sweat dripped down her leg while trying to win in Strive
>the tights help with grip but they're so soaked they make walking feel like you're stepping in a puddle every step of the way
>as she enters the bathroom she tries to take her shirt off, only to have it stick to her soft skin from how drenched its become. She peels the shirt off her back and as she drops it on the floor it makes a heavy plop sound from how wet its become
>next are her tights, she slowly rolls them off her waist, as she peels them off more a cloud of heat and musk hit her face, her steamy rose bush collected most of the sweat and mixed with her feminine odors to create an exotic flowery perfume
>slowly as she slips her tights off her dainty feet small droplets of sweat keep trickling down her toes, her tights dark brown from the wetness, and deathly curious, she wrings her tights only to see nothing but pure sweat drip off them onto the bathroom floor
>her body now cold to the touch from the sweat cooling off her porcelain skin, she starts to shiver a bit as the bath fills up with warm water
>she drops her last bath bomb of "romantic rosebuds" into the calm waters and it begins to slowly fizzle and dissolve into a light pink color, turning the bath tub into a flowery bed ready to welcome the Rose Maiden's fragile, bare, shivering body
>she dips her toe in first, the water gladly enveloping itself around her slender feet, then her delicate thighs, her supple bottom, her thick aromatic rose bush, and lastly her small budding nipples, until the only thing above the steamy pink liquid is her collarbones and soft pink hair
>slowly she feels like she's melting into the bath water, the sweaty and bitter defeat a distant memory, the scent of the bath bomb enters her senses and she's lost in her own fantasies of tournament victories and Perfect rounds
>she begins to get deeper in her fantasies of being loved by everybody and being wanted by all her fans
>the thought of finally being good at something finally gets her breathing heavier, panting like an animal, her chest pounding in excitement and her pink rose nipples perking up from the bath water like buoys in a sea of rose petals
>her hands, now softened by the soapy liquid smoothly glide towards her chest, massaging her soft breasts in an effort to calm down
>her fingers playfully tease and pinch her nipples as if they were joysticks, taking pleasure in doing quarter circles as if she was labbing her main
>her breathing gets deeper and slowly become soft moans as her soft lips spread and exhale from the pleasure
>her other hand sinks down slowly into the deep water, her fingers running along the side of her hips and intertwining themselves along the soft hairs of her rose bush between her legs
>as she lifts one leg her fingers cease the chance at slowly sliding inside the Rose Maiden's delicate body, a hot sensation rushes through her body, as if her roots had been pulled from the soil...
>she lets out a moan and a breath of excitement as her fingers being to explore this new realm of hot slippery ecstasy and tight winding spots of bliss
>the waters in the bath tub rhythmically sway like an ocean as her delicate body indulges in itself with one hand caressing her breasts and the other deep inside her
>her face now bright red from the steam, her face twisted in pleasure, she goes in one last time, no holding back, pretending to mash her keyboard, she uses all her energy to twist and turn her fingers and at last she reaches the climax with a soft exhale of of her hot breath...
>"haa~ aaa~"
>her muscles tense and relax, then tense, then relax, her body shivers again but not from the cold, rather from the immense heat she's giving off
>her hand slowly slides out of herself, satisfied, the water brings her hand afloat, letting it rest after a long session
>her other hand slowly slides down her chest and lands in the bath with a soft splash
>her chest only focusing on breathing, her eyes not sure how to focus, and her mouth left speechless as her hot breath fills the room with steam
>she opens up her phone and with her last ounce of energy sends a single tweet...
>"(∗´ ᨔ `∗)"

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Every day is fun and exciting with Rosemi-sama!

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>gay and swedish

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bros its only been 15 minutes and my cheeks hurt from smiling so much. God I love Rosemi so much

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god rosemi has the most beautiful hands in all of nijien, I wonder if she used to be a hand model

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>The problem is that she basically uses words and phrases like a 6-yr old.
And that's a good thing.

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did Rosemi say she was going to resign from her new job eventually?

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>my oshis are playing as the heoric soldiers of the third reich

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rosemi isnt fucking around anymore
she let Prosemi take over.

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envisage the fragrance

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>that fat, juicy crotch

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Rushia is cute.

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Imagine she does a waking up in bed next to you asmr stream

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selen: surprise, shy submissive
finana: big submissive slut
rosemi: shy submissive with a switch
elira: dominant but shy
petra: very quiet very submissive
pomu: dominant open

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>ah. I hit my head
It took about five minutes

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wosemi is built for gap yan

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Lotus, with lots of kisses and constant eye contact.

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daily reminder that no, japan is not some sjw paradise just because they have Bishōnen archetypes. Bishōnen are not trannies, troons, or non binary frreaks. Bishōnen are beautiful boys. Bishōjo are beautiful girls. They aren't gay, they are pretty. Bishōnen has a better chance of stealing your girl.

Daily reminder lgbt is illegal and gay marriage is illegal in japan. I will also never be japanese, nor will you.

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