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He's also a whore. I see him in Reine's chat all the time.

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I see the schizo is back from his ban

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I am, but I won't like it

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Don't think I'm not onto you, anon.

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Fuck off.

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The value of (You)r loyalty will be nothing, and you will like it

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Honestly kind of cringe, like it's cool you got your life together but getting all edgy about it and acting like you're "Above" anybody else just because of that reeks of a shitty person

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>No reine

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>Only ENs

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Anyway, here is a list of the things anons from /hlgg/ own me
>200 US dollars
>two blowjobs
>four pussypics
when are you faggots gonna pay up?

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>STILL calling it just chatting
Kronii... at least try to be subtle about the twitch love...

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If anyone is curious in one of those big [DELETED] that happened recently there was a giant line of "IT'S HER/IT'S NOT HER" that got deleted
>maybe it's just that all of the replies got nuked
No, several replies to those coments remained up, meaning it was one person samefagging.
it's just a rerun of the whole Gura situation

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at least there isnt a fan of red man in this thread, those posters should be bullied out of any thread when there is the chance

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Reine's looks... bad.

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Terumi. "Filipino" is not a standardized language. It's just tagalog with some borrowed words and imposed by the state on other indigenous speakers. Fucking northerners.

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So many halu people here recently. Take your meds, it's for your own good. Reine will never love (You).

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>multiple JP streams ongoing
>half you fucks would rather shitpost and falseflag
EN was a mistake

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It's like a schizo reunion, holy shit. Birds of a feather, I guess.

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I’d eat Reine out as she uses me like a toy, and then throws me out as soon as she’s satisfied

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It is weirding me out how she's so similar to Reine yet will pass her up in subs by this tuesday.

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Stop falseflagging as my wife. Dorks are united.

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>Reine that low when IRyS and her have the same fucking singing voice

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