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They banned vtubers on /v/ so now I'm here

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>You're just a Nugget

uhmmm POC bros?

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>I dont even like anime
I knew I'd eventually find posts like these in the vshojo thread

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Some guy on discord got banned for posting this, lol I'm laughing like a motherfker, are people actually that obsessed with people pretending to be anime women?

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Could someone tell me why would you bait by telling people to fuck off and insulting them, for images? Do you really starve attention that much you do this just to get replies? I don't get this meme, it just sounds like genuine mental illness to me.

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>ITT: how to have the most scandalous and epilepticly autistic Vtuber Debut overnight

Listen to them anon, fk your sister, you'll be royally successful if not by the margins of the algorithm, it'll be by the margins of your balls

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>Rhombus Threads

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So an anon asked on the global thread why the Gura stream had allot of dislikes and I checked, and somehow the vid was disliked by me according to Youtube, when I clearly remember clicking like


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She's doing things to MUH DICC that's for sure

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