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Good job Finana

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>It's okay I'll just unarchive it
Finana....your manager hates you.
If there was ever any doubt that Nijisanji management are completely subservient to their talent...

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She has a way of painting pictures with her words.
Reminds me of Vei and/or Mea at times.

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finana went to dairy queen and ate the entire restaurant then took a massive dump before stream. lost like five pounds right there.

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I want to kiss and lick Finana's bellybutton

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Feel like the difference is if Finana had a stalker she'd probably try to groom him into being her loyal paypig. Elira already seems to have a lot of trouble with self-esteem and feels anxious about causing trouble for her family as a vtuber. Doxxfags would cause her a ton of stress.

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just use this one who the fuck cares about the op

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I wonder what this sexy horny fish woman does on her days off.
Maybe venting all that frustration she gets streaming.

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Yes everyone poops, you cracked the code.
This is now a Finana thread.

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bait but it's a great stream for voice clips

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Finana has a really soothing voice.

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>horny fish
>coomer bait game
Is this the most supas she’s gotten for a stream so far? I’m guessing she’s gonna play the rest of the volumes too.

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She is cute, funny, her sudden and extremely loud screams keep you wary at all times.
Really fun in collabs, her weak filter leads to a bunch of entertaining moments.
I didn't care too much for her at the start, but I feel she has really improved a whole lot and I'm looking forward to what she'll get up to in the future!
Oh also her liking every comment and retweeting every meme she can find about her might be a bit much at times, but I think it's very sweet of her to be so interactive with her fans.

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>Bend over cherryboy

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Reminds me I need to watch the second half of her nekopara stream. Might do it when she's playing genshin if I forget, Finana actually has a pretty nice schedule this week.

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Well dorito asmr is a staple aleady
Surely there are compilation clips of her munching on chips, right?

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Horny fish love!

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Finana will make some offhand comment about lolis or doing GFE fanservice to trigger Veibae's bitch side but be completely oblivious to Vei's attempts to bully her making Veibae feel like the awkward one for constantly throwing out snide comments only for no one to respond.

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Finana was cute playing nekopara

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Ok Finana, I absolutely love you but holy fuck SOL garbage like nekopara is too boring to watch for more than 2 hours. I've been zoning out.
I'm going to finish rosemi cooking VOD. She almost finished making it where I stopped

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I love this dumb horny mermaid!

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I love this dumb horny mermaid!

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