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My oshi Pomu deserves a new outfit

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>Low numbers
>Ugly character designs
>Boring streams
>No gender segregation making offpako inevitable
>Garbage management
Care to explain why people like this trashfire of a company, again?

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Thoughts on this?

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Your honest opinion?

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*exists in your path*

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When did Nijisanji become more hated than Vshojo on this board? And why?

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ITT: We laugh at them

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It's a joke.
Now laugh.

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ITT: We laugh at them
I'll start

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Can they be gatekept away from HoloEN?

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When you think about it, everything really IS their fault.
If they hadn't debuted a Chinese branch, Hololive wouldn't have followed suit, and Coco would still be here.
If they hadn't courted clippers back in the early days of vtubing that moved on to Hololive, EOPs wouldn't have flooded and the current state of the fanbase could be avoided.
Subaru wouldn't struggle to gain gachikois if she wasn't permanently associated with that Maimoto faggot. Several girls' images are damaged thanks to collabs they did with Nijis before the company took off.
If their fanbase wasn't so rabid and didn't mass report anything they felt was a threat, we could still have bikinis and the permissions' arc could've been avoided.
If NijiID didn't set the precedent for mixed-gender collabs in the country, Ollie wouldn't have be degraded with her constant e-celeb collabs.
We could have Pomu and Selen instead of Mori and Kiara, if their faggot management didn't grab them first.
Past dramas such as the Mizuryu Kei and NKODICE situations were aggravated by antis, Nijiniggers of course fanning the flames.
Lulu would still be around if they didn't stalk and leak her information.
Matsuri wouldn't have felt the need to act unbecoming of an idol and cause drama if she wasn't a Nijisanji superfan inspired by their antics.
We could still have Aloe if they didn't feel the need to defend the "honor" of one of their whorish ex-"talents". Maybe gen 5 wouldn't have been such a failure if she was still around.
And if they hadn't set the precedent for botting in the vtubing community, HoloCouncil's subscriber problem would have been fucked.
It is unironically, literally, factually, all their fault,

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