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As a materialist, as one who starts with the world in his thinking and not with what I want from it or how I think it should be, I acknowledge the contribution that has been made and continues to be made under the pervasive and profound influence of mysticism.

Its creative and poetic power, as Marx recognised in Hegel’s Neoplatonic philosophy informs, is the philosophical engine of dialectical materialism – having been famously inverted by Marx from standing on its head to standing on its material feet.

I am focused on exploring this epistemological current initiated by Plotinus and taken furthest by Marx and Engels.

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This is a vtuber board.

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At least you're consistent in your retardation, brother.

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Youre such a retard

All you will do is get involved into senseless dilema that will lead you no further than a regular academic would get, on top of mental illness

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>posts on the wrong board
>has a shit tier worldview on top of that

tough scene OP, it must be awful thinking that the existence you've been stuck with is all there is, on account of the constant Ls

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imagine spending 2k on a vr avy that looks like this lmfao

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>those shoulders
it's like they forgot what arms looked like

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Respect. Nothing but respect, anon.

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I like snuffy but it's sometimes hard to watch a zoomer talk about my little pony porn

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but have you tried jacking off to it? it's easier than you think

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Nothing makes my dick softer sorry brother.

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im unable to hold down a normal job, is it too late to hop on the vtuber bandwagon?
also my voice sounds like toad

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Do drawing streams of cute and funny characters

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Why not voice changing program..?

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Are you a female? If so, then it's possible.
If you're a dude you can get a voice changer or manipulate your voice and get the same results.

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that seems fun

I don't really know how they work and I'd be scared of it turning off or something

I'm a female but I feel like it's really annoying and croakey and painful to listen to. Bad vocal fry. Could a voice changer even fix something like that?

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Mushroom Mushroom?

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Velcord Edition

>What is /wvt/?
/wvt/ is a thread for viewers to find, share and discuss English-speaking vtubers
>Shilling your oshi?
Include a picture and a link so we know who they are and how to watch!
>List of commonly discussed vtubers
>Twitch FAQ, or "Why aren't they on YouTube?"

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Please don't mess with your layers, it will be worse than killing yourself trying to fix thay

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Is Koragi the most inclining, dare i say it, /asp/ie?

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Prism and Kawaii sre pretty boring, and with the speed they're putting out gens, it's hard to feel hopeful

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I don't think she's an /asp/ie but she's the highest growing, most powerful streamer here.

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I think she was asking for some advice on her model, but i certainly could be wrong.

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>not funny
>bad at video games
>cringe chuuni goofball music
>will no longer do gfe for the ghostlings
>deadweight in collabs
>five percent
>brought in ironic weeb crowd
>doesn't do the bare minimum to ensure collab games will work
>brought in tiered memberships to squeeze extra money out of fans
What's her appeal again deadbros?

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But anon, her best music is when it is hardly has any rap.

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>brought in tiered memberships to squeeze extra money out of fans
I think out of everything, this was the thing that put me off Mori. (Well, that and her anime dub voice.)
It reflects poorly on her character and told me everything I needed to know about what she really cares about.
It's not as simple as saying, "You don't have to purchase it, its optional", when it gates content from fans who might otherwise not want to miss a minute of their oshi.
And when you have other members who offer everything under 1 tier, so that fans don't miss out.... there's no excuse but "I just want to wring as much money out of these lonely losers as possible."

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Doesn't Mori post member streams publicly after a couple weeks?

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after a month iirc

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>"I just want to wring as much money out of these lonely losers as possible."
I think you are being too cynical about her.
In her defense she though it worked same way patreon did. Now why she didn't chance it at some point?
I don't know, it could be because there is less people on T3 streams so there is a better chance her to see your posts on chat and have conversation with her like back when she used to stream before hololive.

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Who's ready for their wife to say dirty words!

Accomplishments - https://github.com/Laus4Deus/nenechi/blob/main/Cute
VARK Cinderella Switch (June 26; Nene/Polka) - https://lp.vark.co.jp/futaride_miru_hololive/
First Youtube Sololive - NENEIRO LIVE (June 12, 8 P.M. JST) - no link yet
Menherafflesia (VN game about yanderes, Nene is voicing Nenene) - https://enoshima210.work/2021/06/05/mfa/

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Nene doesn’t put enough exclamation marks in her tweets


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pls understand she is a bit sad about failing that test

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I'm sad because I'll never meet a girl like Nenechi

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> Levels 10 through 4 are primarily taken by kindergarten to elementary school age (up to 12 years old) children. Levels 3 and above are typically taken by high school students and adults.

Nene failed Level 4...


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what’s up with so many of these idols struggling with Kanji? Nene isn’t the only one. is kanji hard for most japs or is it just that hololive has a lot of airheads?

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Please pray for Shin Yuya.

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she also stated that she ate nothing but a single hotdog all day so she probably got some intense stomach pain that scared her, or it went bad and made her sick
either way she said she's fine and deleted the image so it was most likely posted in a state of panic rather than someone who is actually dying and informing their fans

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Already did my morning prayer but I'll keep her in my evening prayers friend

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If that is the case, then I'm glad she is fine.

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bruh, they all look the same.

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Breaking: She died.

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Left: Yura Rikdou (PRISM Project Gen 3)
Right: Orla Gan Ceann (Tsunderia Re/verse)

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She's even got the boob window

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A small EN/PH vtuber "company" named Crescent Link Productions (formerly Deep-Sea Productions, whose talents all quit before most debut due to piss-poor management - beware) looks to have a dullahan in their upcoming lineup as well. (the one on the right has no head - probably holding it in her hands)

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What's with all these Dullahans?? I had never even heard of that word until today.

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I love it when chuubas play obscure Japanese games on stream. Why the hell would you watch them play normie garbage like Minecraft and FOTM shit? I don't understand. Might as well watch a regular streamer playing that instead.

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So Elite Anon, just like the rest of Nijifans. Bless your soul. :)

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>2 out of 100+

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And how many of them play Apex regularly?

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Right now they have Nijipex tournaments. So everyone play Apex. But contrary to popular belief, they are not many Nijis who play Apex regularly. Only Chihiro, Kanae, Kuzuha, Bora, Naraka who play often.

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They're just as sick of it as you. Kanae said he might never play APEX in a long while

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>go to "nobody.live"
>refresh till you find a vtuber
>post results
Found a zombie w a shitass voicechanger

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I've been following them for awhile actually. She primarily plays fighting games with an emphasis om Melty Blood and recently started Strive. She also did a full Nioh playthrough not too long ago. She's someone I often put in the background.

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>How rent free does holoEN live in indies heads?
Remember the absolute seethe when Cali's song dissed vtweeters?

>> No.5078891

What the fuck is a vtweeter

>> No.5078922

"Pre debut vtubers" who do nothing but tweet and do their sjw stuff on tweeter, thinking that by putting "vtuber" in their name they are somehow a respected member of the community who can start demanding terms

>> No.5078926

lurk more

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Wtf bros. You guys told me she's a pure virgin who never dated anyone...
You guys told me Senzawa was just a forced persona...
I'm a day one shrimp too...

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What of it faggot? Go cry if you must, next time don’t announce to the world that you are a walking yeast infection. Fuck your feelings you festering pussy.

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You sound like you're in too deep. Take a step back and realize it's her job to manipulate you into giving her money. Now just enjoy and don't worry about the person behind the character.

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transatlantic cock is all these guys got
>social skills

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I'm nearing 25 already but..

>> No.5076009

Dated online since they never met IRL and the guy never left the UK

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Is Botan ok? i noted she seems really shaky, jittery lately and is not her model cause this didn't happened before, you guys know something about this?

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I will make this sacrifice and volunteer myself for this task. Remember me as a hero.

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yeah it’s winter in Japan fucking dumbass and she’s cold

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this fpbp /thread

>> No.5078417

Are cunfusing japan with new zealand?

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>he doesnt know

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Face it, this board hates VShojo because they’re jealous and will never be as happy. VShojo are the leaders of VTubing, despite the fact that two of their members are massive bitches. Your just jealous you will never have cool friends and be defended by an army of retarded simps. You can’t find a fan of VTubing who isn’t a fan of them, so their presence is inescapable. There presence reminds you of how weak and meaningless you are, and that you will always be a beta no matter what. They don’t have to worry about dreams coming true or longing for anything out of reach, they can have whatever they want like spoiled little princesses. Your jealous of the fact that the two aforementioned bitches will never face repercussions for their toxicity while you suffer in the wage cage. How do I know this? Because I have been on this board since day one and hate them for the same reasons.

>> No.5075103

but i love vshojo

>> No.5075148

Why are you so obsessed about other people opinion? Are you that insecure that you need to validate yourself to a bunch of faceless anons?

>> No.5075720

jokes on you, I'm too defective to be put into the wage cage in the first place. I will never have an army of friends because I cannot into socializing, and am consequently consigned to being omega no matter what my views and temperment may say. my weakness and meaninglessness, while a source of anxiety, are no source of jealousy, particular not to a bunch of random twitch whores taking turns sucking off gigacuck while still being equally irrelevant.

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VShojo aren't even the leaders in VTubing on Twitch. The panda is.

>> No.5078756

But we just hate them because they’re unfunny and no different from other non-vtuber Twitch streamers. It would be more accurate just to say Twitch and all Twitch culture is hated here, as it should be

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Bilingual thread? I'm wondering who's the best in this category.

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okay, so first 3 months is nothing. just keep at it, repetition is the most important.
>It's hard as fuck to read kanji
you only need kanji if you want to be able to read and write, which to watch anime or to have a conversation isn't needed.
personally i recommend saving kanji as the last thing you learn, if any.
at the beginning focus on grammar rules and vocab.
if you have a good grasp of grammer and an okay vocabulary you will start to pick up sentences, which will naturally lead to the ability to construct them.

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I just wanted to let you know that I’m not going to click your link

>> No.5078617

I get it but I want to read videogames bros.

>> No.5078700

Kanji is just Nippon emoji

>> No.5078721

Ioafy LOVE

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I swear to god, there is no way botan is actually Jap. She has to be Russian or Ukrainian ethnicity, no way at all she comes from Japan. Either that or she immigrated to japan or is Russian-Japanese. I refuse to believe that she is a full blown jap

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What do you think? The man's chugging enhancers in the picture for Christ's sake.

>> No.5078249

that's because their japanese and nintendo more or less rule japan.
xbox has tried and failed to enter the japanese market since it's inception, this is just another (probably futile) attempt.
but microsoft has more money then god, so the xbox will just keep on trucking.

>> No.5078300

Does she know you can mod and patch the game into not being a buggy fucking mess though?

>> No.5078327

Yes, but they have to ask separate permission for mods (at least some of the time). Which makes it a massive pain.

>> No.5078362

(you) deserve a (you) too

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Honestly, I love you fags. You always make me smile when I see you guys share your love of pomu, even when others are being negative toward you or pomu, you'll post pomu and that makes me happy.

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We could have had greatness

>> No.5079160

Only if this gets at least a couple months of nonstop threads, then we can probably consider it on the same level.

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Westerner hate rori. Prease andadstan.

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Hololive avatars have very shitty rigging, and most of the girls do not care about roleplaying their persona. Clearly, people are watching vtubers because of their personality, not because of their characters DeEp LoRe so what's the point of having an avatar in the first place then?

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Cuter than your gf

>> No.5076545

If the pictures I've seen are to be believed, Gura and Kiara have the hottest roommates by far. Cali and Ame's are a bit above average. The one picture I saw of Inas was... as average as it gets.

Not that I'd ever say no to any of them based on looks alone, but I'm a desperate nerd so literally anything above a landwhale is in striking range for me.

>> No.5076559

You're what's wrong with this board. Neck yourself.

>> No.5076567

Do you really think Mori would have fans if not for her avatar?

>> No.5076598

Obviously it's important, mostly for first impressions and being memorable but still
Not to mention the fact that it helps with networking

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Happy Birthday Edition

Birthday time! Not today as I write this but tomorrow a cringey boomer will be having her birthday and double as a charity stream for Child's Play at the same time. Birthday streams have a track record of turning out well so here's hoping that the streak isn't broken here! It will also double as a charity stream so be ready for a longer-than-normal stream full of fun in VRC and whatever else may happen to come up.

Exciting as that is there's more to look forward to! The week of the long-awaited "Pink Hair" collab is finally upon us and will be taking place at an unknown time early Saturda but when Mouse puts out her schedule for the week it'll undoubtedly be posted here so we can all know for sure. Additionally, a non-specific collab will be happening this week with a mystery guest but we've already got an idea of who and what that will entail. Other than that there'll probably be a few more E3 streams that you should try to catch live thanks to the sheer amount of DMCA content.

And of course the long-awaited DND campaign is upon us! Starting Friday on Arcadum's channel we'll finally begin the two-months-in-the-making campaign and finally find out about the voices everyone's been practicing for it. Big congratulations to Mouse for hitting 400k subs on YT and having a discussion of some future possible outfits, Mel for becoming an NTR Legend, Haruka for going full schizo, and the future collab with a NijiEN talent!

As always, try ignoring bait and keeping the thread comfy!

Vshojo team page: https://www.twitch.tv/team/vshojo
Snuffy: https://www.twitch.tv/snuffy
Haruka: https://www.twitch.tv/harukakaribu
Momo: https://www.twitch.tv/momo
Bunny_GIF: https://www.twitch.tv/bunny_gif
Anny: https://www.twitch.tv/anny/

Previous thread: >>4963186

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Here's the date and time for Mori/Mouse.

>> No.5078224


>> No.5078236

tell me about the wednesday collab

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File: 352 KB, 1050x713, 1622128836450.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]
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Let me put it this way: kanji is so essential to reading that the fact you even asked this already shows that you have legitimately no understanding of how the language works (not meaning to sound condescending; it's just THAT fundamentally essential)

>> No.5078416

If you bothered to read even hover over those 7 wacky numbers at the top right of my post you'd see that someones already said this and I already clarified that I didn't mean reading. I obviously didn't mean reading, the dude I was replying to was saying "why would I learn Kanji", In a thread about learning Japanese to understand vtubers, reading typically isn't involved in livestreams which is why I posited the question in the first place.

>> No.5078432

I'm going to learn it. I will. Not for chuubas, but for VN's and literature.

>> No.5078568

How can you call yourself a fan if you don't read their tweets and roommate's fanboxed rantings? You'll need kanji knowledge for that.

>> No.5078760

Deepl has worked for me so far.

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