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>Gura wanting to save items at the LAST LEVEL of the game after already using some

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>5 minutes later Gura is wrapping up

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the final frustration

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I guess Gura's just going back to her classic roots and riling up shitposters and concernbuds that way.

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>GURA MOGGED (singing)

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Gura is now playing Minecraft off-stream

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>”Check the greenhouse, how’s the plants doing? They are, uh—they are…theyyyy aaaaaaaare, they’re okaaaaayy. They’re alwroight. They’re alright, they’re alright, they’re alright, uhhh, we’re losing’ em though! We are—uh—losing them!”

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>bait thread
>anon responds unironically
>muh chumbud boogeyman

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Gura gushing about how nice it was to not have lag just made me more frustrated that it took her so long to fix it.

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>I won't stream DMC
>I thought I was going to but I won't
>I will stream DMC

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You faggots are playing right into their hands and it's so fucking funny. I have to believe that someone in Taco Bell's marketing department is a chumbud that lurks here. It's already pretty funny that a fast food company threw enough money at Cover and Gura for her to be contractually obligated to babble about fries for an hour, but even funnier that they got the schizos here talking about nothing but Taco Bell across hundreds of posts. Free guerilla marketing and you retards fell for it.
You WILL eat the Nacho Fries and wash them down with a refreshing Baja Blast

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The Guraway is to have zero communication over the break and then to bomb you with what happened or not talk about it ever again. That's just how it goes in the chum zone.

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see Gura come back coincidentally at the start of the next week, play some kusoge, do some half-assed member karaoke because "she's feeling under the weather" and go radio silent again

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>She keeps picking up and repeating more and more of these shitty zoomer memes (sussy baka, bussin) which is a big contrast compared to debut where she dropped her own phrases (a, hoocha, shaarrrrk). I thought she was actually putting some intentional thought into her use of meme phrases and swearing rather than it just being a matter of her censoring her actual personality/humor.

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