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What games will you recommend Finana to play?

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I once again ask if anons know of good feet artist that accept commissions

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What will you say she is?

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Fish schizo here
You guys are just trying to get my collection aren’t you?

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I want to commission some foot art but the one’s I follow don’t accept requests, any recommendations?

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But how far will you love her?

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This fish is to cute for her own good. She is way too open with her fans and in general. And talks what’s on her mind even if it’s pretty lewd.

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Fish seems a little bit down, hope she’s doing okay…

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While what?

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Is it wrong I want to adopt him and be a good father to him? I never thought I'd want the son experience from a chuuba.

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Unironically who the fuck is C? I was gone for a few minutes so I don't know what's going on.

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Pomu is playing the boomer version of doom? I thought she was going to play the 2016 one, you know, the good one.
Who suggested this ancient boring garbage to her? Pomudachi, what is wrong with you?
Well fuck this shit, consider me filtered. I am just going to wait for Elira's stream, I guess.
As if Pomu's "muh high power level" wasn't enough of a debuff. At this point she deserves low numbers.

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