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i will never stop pretending

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She said she’s quitting her crappy job next month

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im a clipper and im starting to get burnt out, but everybody expects me to keep dishing out videos at least 3 times a week, im basically known as one of the girls "dedicated" clippers too so i cant just stop
im not even getting paid for this

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So today marks the day Pomu becomes a full time streamer
do you think she'll change as a person over time and become more deranged and insane without the social exposure her regular job provided her?

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And the Japanese ignored her cries for help because she is gaijin

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sometimes when im really sad i like to look at my oshi's roommate pics to feel better
reminding myself that my oshi is a real girl with real emotions gives me hope i'll find somebody like her

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Is there any job that Pomu can do online that isn't hell?

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Don't jinx it...

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>Dragonschizo is the last famelira in this thread

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Seeing Rosemi make that face hurts my heart, she should be smiling

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>dropped VR streams because she's a numberfag

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>last video 2 years ago

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Please don't get mad at Pomu for letting out her wagie ragie today

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yeah im currently sitting in my room in silence occasionally opening up a youtube video or checking twitter to see if my oshi tweeted anything yet
i do this every day because i have no job or friends

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I'm worried about today, it feels ominous

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>Pomu doing 4 collabs this week on top of her day job that she's doing overtime for on Saturday

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>tfw you will never smell Finana's stinky farts

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Hard to believe this snoozefest is gonna be the next FOTM stream for every single Holo and Nijiout there

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>"Where's my new costume?"
>"Where's my 1mil milestones"?
>"Why my jp senpai ignored me?"
>"My titties hurt.."

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We can't even save ourselves, this is what Pomudachi and Pomu have in common.

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>Everyone happy playing XIV
>Tons of cute girl playing it
>I still torture myself with WoW

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very cute design
i thought she was latina but turns out she's a Nguyen

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