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>We're not gonna fucking beat Templex team
>Bobon literally dying
>Hada being literally who

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It took me awhile to beat Perfect Hatred and Against Thee Wickedly for my UV pistol start run. Those barons of hell on the tight bridge and using that teleporting pillar is what usually chipped me away.

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Pomu's such a zoomer. All she ever talks about is some garbage twitter trends. I wonder why Niji even hired someone who knows nothing about Japan

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>send me your stories
>everything is deez nuts and bogos binted

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Shame i'm the only Pomuposter here now, where is the rest of the Pomu party

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>unless you are actually really autistic

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It was only a matter of time....

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My gay friend said that i'm cute.. I think I just have some kind of autism.

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Same, I don't think I could do it

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I've been watching vtubers for years now and this is the first time that I felt like that too. It's fucking pathetic and I feel bad now that I was looking at Pomu that way even after she warned about parasocial relationships.

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>Like Hololive
>Hate orange bitch
>She's the only one who interacts outside of the Hololive bubble

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>ara ara
>hi honey

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Unironically this

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i'm a 32 year old autist kissless handholdless virgin, i've been a neet for a decade, probably unemployable, the west is collapsing anwyay, lockdown meme virus means there's no reason to leave the house. even if i lucked into a job and a relationship it would be entirely predicated on my value as a unit of economic productivity. might as well just let myself sink into the abyss and fall for a cute anime girl on youtube. her voice, her relaxed manner, her 80 iq, her comfy minecraft and zatsudan streams, these are the things i wake up for. i sit in my chinkshit gaming chair, swaddled in blankets and propped up by a couple of pillows, my electric heater under my desk and just sit borderline comatose for however many hours she decides to stream. or perhaps i just lie in bed with my phone, a hot water bottle under the quilt and overthrow. this way achieves maximum comfort but i feel slight disgust at watching on a phone. then i spend the rest of my time in a desperate scramble to improve my japanese to a point where i can have close to full comprehension of what she is saying before she retires. it might be futile but i will pursue this goal no matter what. and when the day comes that she retires, well, i can just find someone else. with each day that passes, the vtuber world becomes ever more saturated.

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>You're never going to have a Pomu secretary that lives under your desk and sucks your dick

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>The sheer regret in Pomu's voice immediately after the pc stopped working

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great night for my internet to go to shit

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I legit thought it was going to be a guerrilla stream and I was hyped for it.. I dont even shitpost for (you)'s I just wanted more pomuliracraft... I guess its fine if they didt it offstream anyways

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She skipped mine.... bros....

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