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You can't rape the willing.

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She meant a fish big like whales are, not a big fish like whales are!

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We'll have to wait for Riku to open the R18 branch in Nijisanji.

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Her flip whore body cannot contain her breeding/maternal instinct, she needs to be dicked down immediately

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>open stream

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Thanks feesh.

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Add out of context voiceclips.

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Naked Pomu

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Naked Pomu ass tonight!

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How the hell does Finana do it then? Does she lean heavily into the suggestive talk or do they just like it when she acknowledges them on main?

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Mommy giving me the vodka-mixed golden shower, yes please

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I want a Porno Paizuri!

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god she is so cute in that. I want to give her headpats... and cummies. the inside of that sheet also matches her.

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>>I bought a new dildo
NijisanjiEN isn't really a small agency

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>dead cold hole
Either your dick get clamped down forever due to rigor mortis, or, get a broken dick trying to penetrate one

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Doritos soaked in special feesh juice

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Finana said she sometimes streams in her panties

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>Tweeted a brap video before her debut that triggered the fuck out of all the EN-only Hololive fans checking out Nijisanji EN.
>Missed her own debut stream and had to reschedule for the next day because her OBS crashed.
>Talked about pirating the Demon Slayer movie leak on her rescheduled debut stream. Demon Slayer is licensed by Aniplex which is owned by Sony, one of Anykara's largest investors.
>Never streamed over 2 hours making people think she was just doing it out of obligations from managers and hated streaming.
>Never did superchat reading and would only read the names instead of messages on superchats
>Doxxed her location during her first keyboard review stream during debut week, forcing her to private the vod.
>Had an issue during her first Undertale stream that forced her to abandon the playthrough entirely.
>Doxxed her real name during her Friday Night Funkin stream.
>Kept forgetting to monetize her Minecraft streams and playing games that couldn't be monetized like GTAV.
>Had the lowest SC numbers of her gen by far, like she was getting maybe $100-150 per monetized stream or something while Pomu was regularly getting thousands.
>Is the antithesis of seiso, not a single stream goes by where she isn't talking about hentai or sex or her poop or talking about pirating media and triggering Japanese drawfags.
>Has displayed a complete disinterest in her own company's Japanese talents and prefers collabing with VShojo and other Twitch people.
>Forced Pomu and Elira into a horrible collab with a bunch of Twitchers that traumatized Elira and humiliated Pomu along with having fucking copyrighted music in all the maps forcing them to immediately and permanently private the vods, wasting their time.
>Leaked the Obsydia debuts and guaranteed managers will never tell her anything ever again.
>Her genmates are terrified of collabing with her as she often gets them in trouble with managers from her conversation topics or risks getting their channels shadowbanned by Youtube for too much sexual content.
>Didn't even sell half her custom voicepacks while Pomu's were completely sold out and Elira sold most of them.

>Turned out to have a really SEEEX oneesan voice
>Is actually a good singer even though she's too shy to do karaoke streams
>Became a vtuber because she was too poor to afford college and had lots of jobs before vtubing to try to save up money
>Spends literally all day on Twitter replying to her drawfags and random people who tweet at her showing she really cares about her fans and loves her work. She has fucking 55,600 likes on her twitter account while her genmates don't even break 10,000.
>Revealed the reason she didn't stream over 2 hours for the first couple weeks was because she was too shy and talking for that long made her exhausted.
>Regularly does 4-5 hour streams now and 2+ hour superchat readings where she just chills with her viewers.
>Started building friendships with others in her company, even those that don't speak any English often interact with her on Twitter.
>Japanese fans actually really like her and the livers find her hilarious because they respect her for being a complete degenerate they didn't think westerners were capable of.
>Has now largely caught up to her genmates in superchats/memberships and has a lot of dedicated paypigs that throw lots of money at her every stream.
>Ironically her genmates were constantly plagued with scheduling or tech or internet issues for the last month or so while her streams have been pretty much flawless on the technical side after her first first 2 weeks or so of failed debuts and self-doxxing.
>Somehow was the least yab in the most recent full NijiEN collab and actually behaved herself.
>Still regularly talks about hentai but her viewers love it and recommend her stuff to read while streaming.
>Has by far the most drawfags of NijiEN and her R18 tag has tons of content because she actually acknowledges her lewd artists and appreciates every single fanart.

I wouldn't even say she's my favorite but she's definitely the "most improved" and has a genuinely loyal and dedicated fanbase.

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Hot sisters are for emotional closeness and fucking.

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nah, it's not. she doesn't like that sort of thing. regardless, I like to imagine a variant of this artwork where she has a puddle between her legs.

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