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>He took the wrong baby

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I actually do have a bunch of being chased/zombie apocalypse dreams. I don't really survive in any of them and I don't end up killing anyone. It's mostly me just trying to run and realizing that my body is molasses and I can't move like I want to before being caught and hauled off to god knows where because I always wake up either before the dark deed is done or right in the middle of it.

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>AZKi's live is in 7 hours
>Been awake since Kanata's karaoke
A part of me knows I should sleep but...I just really want some healing Botan giggles before passing out.

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>Grab the wall and bite the alloy, I'm going in raw

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All these voices in my head and I can STILL hear Pekora's stupid laugh clearly through all of them.

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Mosh Pits sound like hell.

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Born in Florida actually. Just moved to where I am right now when I was like one or two, hell if I know.

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I don't know a lick of Spanish.

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Have you tried the age old talent of not caring?

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This collab could be nice but I don't know if them being cute is going to be able to carry this one for 60+ minutes.

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I too never understood why people need 15 billion pairs of shoes. I've only got like 4 pairs. One for jogging, one for casual wear, one for indoors and fancy ones when going to like a restaurant or wedding party or some junk.

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>It's the succ!

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>Round 1
>5 Squads left
Good lord.

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I don't get how Astel can get multiple charge shot hits on a moving target while being at like 180 ping.

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Watching Ina's smugness crumble under Gura's mesugaki powers while Ame gremlin laughs and Yoshi sneaks up from the rear to pass literally everyone. Also watching Astel's descent into madness as he's been playing Apex Legends for six hours and has made less progress than when he started to play Apex Legends today.

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[Expected news] Astel's lost all hope. NA Diamond is breaking his shota mind.

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>She plays APEX
>She's better than Ame

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Yeah I know but it might as well be. Also she has stupid luck.

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>According to the game's production studio Arclight, most Call of Cthulhu players in Japan are women aged between 17 and 35.

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