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>wait for new thread with images
>can't remember the image I wanted to post anymore...

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Its all unraveling nicely.

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did you ever get to experience a family vacation, /hlgg/?

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I don't want to end up hating sana but things aren't looking too good

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Its objectively Subaru.

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>matsuri's brother interview
>"it's her boyfriend!"
>hand appear on stream
>"it's her boyfriend!"
>mysterious sound on towa's stream
>"it's her boyfriend!"
>kiara's mom play minecraft
>"it's her boyfriend!"
>hana's dad
>"it's her boyfriend!"
>subaru's father interview
>"lol her father sound nervous!"
Why subaru have a free pass on this? Like, i have never heard any negative rrat about her.

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>why would the stalker just close the door instead of going in to rape her or take something
Were some of you guys not here last year for what happened to Subaru? Moments before there was a knock/doorbell sound in the middle of her stream, there was some post in either 2ch or 5ch claiming he had found Subaru's house and was gonna make a sign to prove it. After Subaru heard it, she went to check the door, only to find no one was there. Later on she ended up moving houses. Heck, Kiara got some heat for it since there were people theorizing that the stalker found Subaru's house through following her since Kiara's roommate was more noticeable/recognizable whilst Subaru's one of the more harder to doxx. So yeah, its not that unlikely for the stalker to have just gone as far as he could to get some attention without being seen.

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Why can't we just be normal for once?

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>bread is bad for ducks

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She just has low market penetration on EOP countries.

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>starting off the thread with a deluge of terrible bait
i hate dead hours

instead of shitposting, do yourself a favour and watch this SubaMarine collab if you haven't already
some anon posted it last thread and i'm in tears from laughing


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There's been a lot of sad fics recently, I wonder why that is?

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I hope Subaru manages to tardwrangle her whole gen for a gen 2 song before Shion, Aqua or Ayame might decide to never come back.

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>Girl says literally anything
I hate you guys so fucking much. Keep it here.

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It's going to be a 1h stream and not a single more minute won't it?

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>PST and CST they are fine.
You don't work do you

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>Gura will never finish Super Metroid because shes a secret number fag

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>tfw no Bri'ish Inner gf

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