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My lovely Rosemi

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>Even Yura
I didn't want to believe the haters but they were right in the end

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I can sympathize my parasocialroniies, but you should also be celebrating. You might not believe this but Kiara and Mori were awkward as fuck with their fanbases in the beginning but now are going all kissyface. Just be patient. Your loyalty will be rewarded in time.

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I don't understand this mindset. His pfp is a fucking cartoon clock, drawn by some shut in hikki who larps as an anime girl. Why on Earth does he care about simping? The point of this entire thing is to support these girls unashamed and uninhibited, being a schizo fan is far more respectable than some coward afraid of being seen as some virgin otaku.

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Am I.... the only dragoon left?

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She's already smiling again, bros

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>worked for a black company
>does gfe
>follows twitter luitomos
>does ego searching
she must be or at least close, and its the good type of menhera, anon

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I'd rather have numberfag than another Anya.

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Gosling is my self-insert. Too many IPN false flaggers in this thread

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I will be...the last Kronie...

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>ah! aAaaaah
>'sola-tyan kawaii' huhuhuhu
>he low ebri wan
>memba ship ten q!

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Very, she's beyond retarded, oversleeps, sounds like a higher pitched noel and her eigo is 1 to 1 with luna's. Also, pit pussy

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Yeah, mine.

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Download the archive to have it on a loop

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>has it been an hour yet

It's just like her outfit reveal... and her debut... and her birthday...

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sumi... stfu
i just want a comfy minecraft stream

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I love this fish like you wouldn't believe

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Ame read almost every one of my chat messages today...

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even still, I love you Okayu.

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>You will never play coop games with hada...
Life... is a cruel mistress

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nice one

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I don't lewd them because I do not wish to disrespect them. I will love and cherish them unconditionally. When I lay with Sora, it will not simply be fucking. It will be love-making.

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>We met on a mongolian basket-weaving forum.
>He was much different to me; he was a pentomo and me... a dragoon.
>At first I just ignored him, I did not care for the penguin posters.
>I yelled at him, called him mean names, told him to stop posting.
>But that little penguin just kept on going forward.
>I realised that deep down... I didn't hate him, I was merely trying to suppress my love.
>Taking the initiative I asked that little pentomo out on a date.
>A little japanese restaurant down by the sea, his favourite.
>We hit off, talking about our favourite chuubas, what games we play, all the anime we've watched.
>I couldn't help but adore him.
>Nearing the end of this date, I felt oddly cold... I didn't want it to end.
>'Wanna... come back to my place?' I asked, trying to mask my nervousness.
>His face lit up... enthusiastically nodding to the notion.
>Scurrying past my roommates we made it to my room.
>Selen posters and a set of weights were the only decorations aside from my computer.
>Standing behind him I couldn't help but notice our size difference, he was at optimal cock sucking height.
>He was slightly sweaty from out walk, slowly it dropped down his nape.
>Unconsciously I placed a deep kiss on his erotic neck.
>His face turned deep red, but he didn't object.
>I kissed again and again... I wanted more.
>I pushed him onto my bed and locked lips with the pentomo. Undressing his small frail body at the same time.
>His cute little moans turning me on even more. His body felt so soft... delicate like a marshmellow.
>Flipping him over my carnal lust raged even harder, his supple boy pussy beckoned my dick like a sirens call.
>Slowly I inserted my schlong, he gasped and moaned... I was taking his anal virginity.
>In.... and out.. I slowly humped him with all my love, playing with his nipples to incite his pleasure even harder.
>I increased my pace, harder... harder... he was like a broken record... moaning 'harder~' over and over again.
>His bussy had taken over my mind... there was no turning back....

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