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>get gnomed.png

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What is a unicorn?

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Is it weird that I’m not that sexually attracted to Finana, I have a stronger emotion of protection. I want to protect her smile and see her happy, help her grow and make more friends

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Man I Love Finana

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Who is best for rape correction?

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Is it wrong that I want to be horny with my fellow anons here?

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What does it say about me when I see Finana as a little sister and yet I still fap to her?

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But you can't do that, Luca had to edit his Dark Souls stream because streamlabs was still on by accident

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Can you describe your oshis most dedicated members on how they act with them? No trolling please

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Guys why does Mysta get a pass?
Literal male Finana yet he is loved here while Finana barely has fans and when they are away she gets shit on
If Mysta gets angry people wncouray him yet Pomu gets called out
Dirty habits and is loved, Elira mentioned something dirty and she’s considered a slob

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But I like sharing with you guys

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If you could rape correct any member, who will it be?

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Why do you all talk about Pomu as if she was some sexual offender who rapes cute girls?

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Which girl is the easiest to fuck?

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Were you anons able to enjoy your time with your oshi this year?

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Anons… can you take me on a date?<span class="fortune" style="color:#7f11ec">

Your fortune: You're getting a lump of coal in your stocking!</span>

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Can I cuddle my oshi if I’m good?<span class="fortune" style="color:#fc2d53">

Your fortune: Happy Hanukkah!</span>

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Can I be a good boy?

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What is rape correction?

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Can’t I just nibble on it?

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Anons I have an unhealthy addiction to Finana, is there any cure?

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Will Finana be willing give me a handjob if I buy her a burger!

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What position would be best to cuddle with Finana?

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