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You can watch either roflgator's vod, or the last 3 hours of sodapoppin's. Latter is recommended, at least after the scouting part was done since he generally just had better povs throughout the show

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Genuinely more entertaining than anything I've seen from Hololive, and all I could think after it was over was how much Holobronies and Nijikeks are shooting themselves in the foot because of "muh FOMO"

/vt/ would only improve if more people just dipped their toes into Vshojo. The agency has just as good numbers as Hololive and likely higher per-talent earnings. Unfortunately, a large swathe of anons think they just talk about their pussy all day, which is unironically one of the most hypocritical things for a board which branched off of idol culture.

Maybe one day when Ironmouse overtakes Amouranth as the top female on Twitch, we'll start getting more threads that aren't just endless fucking bait.

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do you have any that's like this except he's eating it?
it would better represent my desires haha i think haha

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Here's the harsh reality about the whole Nux Taku thing from the past few days: Nothing actually happened. The only reason "swatting" and "doxxing" were used to begin with was because Nux had these things happen to him, so instead of looking at the evidence and noticing that nobody got hurt, he instead used his anecdotal experience to project onto his audience (and thus all of Vshojo) that this apparent "lack of cybersecurity" means the 5-0 is gonna bust down some poor 2view's door and point AK-47s in their face and shoot them to death, all because a "14 year old Brazilian" did it for the lulz. That's where all the fear comes in and it's honestly astounding to see /vt/ as a board miss the forest for the trees.

Honestly, the only damage this drama accomplished was twofold:
>1) Exposed that vtuber "auditions" are on a whole smoke and mirrors meant to obfuscate nepotistic hiring practices (based as fuck)
>2) Led to the impotent and frankly unnecessary dissolution of a potential competitor for Vshojo, since they have a Twitch monopoly

Throughout this whole ordeal, as Discord DMs leak, old VOD clips are passed around like we're in middle school playing He Said, She Said... Nobody was actually affected. You're certainly welcome to go into archives and attempt to find evidence that anyone, even the smallest, most insignificant 2view, was hurt, but you will find none. I'll double down here and say that if you think the people who fell for the phishing in the first place exceeds a single digit number, you're leagues more retarded than them.

And let's say that hypothetically 100 of the probably 1000 people auditioning for Vshojo (lmao) got scammed... Then what? Am I supposed to be upset by this? Why are all these late-teens and early-twenties idiots pretending like doxxing is a problem when they live and breathe through social media? Why not opt for IRC instead of Discord, why not remove telemetry from your computer, why not install Linux or at least fucking Brave, why not have more than one password for all your fucking online accounts?

THAT is what pisses me off the most about this whole thing. More so than people arguing about a bunch of streamers' feefees being hurt and viewcounts potentially dropping, it's this infantilization of 2views like they're innocent little pumpkins we gotta protecc. I fucking hate 2views so much it's unreal. You're on Twitch, you probably know who Kitboga is, you know your ENTIRE PLATFORM WAS HACKED and yet you can't even fathom the idea that you could be scammed too. Because you're an uwu smol bean just trying to find a name for yourself, owo so anxious ohmigosh, daddy nux and mommy vshojo come to my rescue pl0x, I'm totally inncoent IRL and not a fucking menhera bitch like every other 2view, won't you pleasseeeee spend manhours documenting this totally tragic series of events for us pitiful 2views???

Anyways can't wait for a bunch of tourists and illiterates to read two lines of this thread and call me a schizo.

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>mogs your oshi
>mocks your favorite company
>laughs at your dick
>sends you into a seething frenzy
>becomes BFF with nyanners
>posts porn of herself on 4chan
>talks about gross disgusting shit on stream
>doesn't apologize
>doesn't give a shit
The epitome of based

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