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>cries about timeloops
>is the one who is starting the timeloops

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Being lazy in a company is a clear sign of being subpar.

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>i'm glad she's playing my favorite game of all time but i'm not sure what to sure how to respond to her stream.

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>her favorite anime is naruto

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>lolicon bait

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>Shitposters watching streams/vods
Anon, I love you, but...

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Yes, it is me the guy that still posts Lulu in the NijiEN thread. How could you tell?
Try and stop me fag

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I asked that question yesterday or the day before and a random cute anon said that nijisenpai is now grooming indie vtubers instead.

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>On 4chan since 2004 with some interruptions
Yeah, I guess I am...

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I miss her too. All that we can really do is hope that she feels safe again.

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I hope the game suggestion thing was just that, a suggestion and not an actual mandate on what they can or can't play.

I love the NijiEN girls to bits well not 100% sold on Petra yet, but it's just the first week, who cares, but I wish we wouldn't see them talk about all these fun and actually diverse games they like in their debut only to then never play anything from that series or even genre.

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>She reached the final round of Holo audition too and was inches away from being part of HoloEN.

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>Elira's gonna be the next Lulu.

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I love Lulu!

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Well, she's all but explained basically everything during her supachat readings but nobody cares to listen to those and would instead rather hold their ears, ignore evidence and continually yell WHORE DOESN'T CARE ABOUT HOLOLIVE so seriously what should she do besides stream more? Do you think people would stop calling her a whore simply because she streamed more? They'd probably resort to talking about how she's getting fingered by her boyfriend when she has to mute or step away from the computer for a minute or two. Rratposters don't give a fuck about a Holo, they just want to make up stupid shit and have new folks fall for them easily.

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Lu hours

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Lulu hours

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Even without context Lulu's expressions are so amusing yet disturbing.

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