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When will the main branch be renamed to "Hololive JP". Like, shouldn't WE be the main branch at this point?

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No, because JP is the core of the business model, it make way more money than EN. EN is just a successful sub branch.

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Yeah but we're DOMINATING in views/subs/members/relevancy.
If Cover is smart, they should start prioritizing EN.

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You never; listen, you never challenge, you never challenge the Big Iron~...

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Unless you've got bigger iron.

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disregard this...

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Batata com Pepino

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Didn't she stream with her face on her Vtuber channel recently? Isn't that a violation of the Vtuber definition?

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>Didn't she stream with her face on her Vtuber channel recently?
Source pls

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Confess your /vt/ sins.

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repent to your brother, for he is wise.

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Gura was never doxxed you schizo

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groomin' time bay bee

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Sometimes when I pour and drink white wine I pretend it's my oshi's piss and it's really hot

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Even weirder, she does it sometimes when she isn't even scared

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Is this what the kids refer to as a "Stan"

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Ehh, Heart Challenger is at 1.2m. Reflect will pass it in an hour or so.

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Never gonna surpass Mori's top songs.

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Why are cumbuds like this?

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Worst fanbase easily. Gura seriously was a fucking mistake

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desu cumbuddies. musically, heart challengger is better than reflect. but vocally... i fucking hate chicky nuggies voice...

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>10 hours
Gawr Goomba strong

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>the last second of the clip is autotuned
yeah they sure nerfed it alright

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Inb4 Kiara complains about Heart Challenger's numbers again.

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Carried by her subcount, still won't ever surpass Mori's top songs because cumchildren won't play it on repeat.

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>even Smile and Go is better than this shit
>view counts

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>1 million views in under 11 hours
gee another new hololive record?
chumbuds dining royally once more
meanwhile antis starting to look like Haitians lol

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>everything has to be a competition
shut the fuck up

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aaaaaand here comes the COPE lmao

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G-Graduation when!?!

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Wow, I haven't even listened to it yet. I'm still streaming Heart Challenger.

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b-but she couldnt do it in less than 10 hours, holoEN is done

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Do you ever think about how one day your oshi will graduate and you will never see her again roommates notwithstanding?

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you miss the parts when forced sexual intercourse is involved.

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I don't think about it. I just kill myself as quickly as possible.

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It's too late

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This makes me even more horny

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Ask me another time, Tonight is her Dick appointment and she won't be walking straight anytime after that.

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give her a good dickin anon, she deserves it

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because her poops are always perfectly clean and don't necessitate wiping.
kiara is perfect in every way

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This is ancient hololive’s most foolish program! Why does Okayu, the largest of the gamers, not simply eat the other 3?

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They can't go to the gym because Nippon is still in lockdown. She mentioned she lost weight since joining Hololive but how much exactly is unclear. She moved very gracefully in her latest live show but still wasn't exactly "dancing", so it's hard to tell.

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Ogayu is Koones favorite but she is fatty.

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Vore monster holo for JP6 ONEGAI

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roommate reps anon

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I hate pedophiles.

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Cool bro.

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You are what you hate.

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you just hate the most socially acceptable group to hate, 300 years ago you'd hate pagans or some shit, faggot

that being said all sexual, emotional and physical abusers should be gutted

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You didn’t have to call out gurafags like this

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Gains edition

Previous thread: >>4910483

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fat senchou makes more and more sense with the way she descirbes her ass

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How come Roostershit never tried to capitalize Vtubing with pic related? It probably would be garbage but im surpised those sell outs never tried it.

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Because everyone knows the VAs
It would no have the same magic

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They tried


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Way before the first vtubers, but when it became popular the RWBY franchise was already agonizing, bad timing, bad luck, classic RT

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>They still have some respect for Monty

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Mainstream SJWs arent familiar with vtubing.

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I like Alice, even though I don't know much about her. She cried in a recent stream, though I don't know why

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I'm ready for the Nijisanji's magnum opus

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Previous Thread: >>5209677

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Even though I know better than to expect anything, I'm still very hyped about what Risu will do this week.

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How big would Risu's cock be? And what about Ayunda?

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So how do we get this faggot to fix his work?

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You've got a sexy girl here and you want her to have a dick. For what reason?

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Why're there so little Vtubers who are shortstack?

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i prefer the taller ones anyway

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She not Anon

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